Spooky windows..

What is the scariest thing you could think of as a quilter!??!?  Well, us girls talked about it and we came to the conclusion that the scariest thing we could think of would have to be not having enough time to sew that your machine had spider webs all over it!  **GASP**  So, we recreated a scene right out of our very own horror movie…. We call it “The lonely machine” and we almost shed a few tears in creating this scene for you.  I hope you realize that we would never want this to be a reality in your life, cause the pain would be too much to handle.  So, please for the love of all us quilters DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Please keep your machine in good working order, with only the dust from all the fabric you are pushing through it!!


One more thing…If your gonna go all spooky, we feel like a pink glittered skull is the way to go!!

Hope you enjoyed the little peek of our windows in progress!!  Come see them for real, if you can!  We’d love to meet you!