I’m so excited…. I just can’t hide it….

hangtag_glaceSo we got a few new goodies in this week that I am in love with!!  First, we got the new line from 3 Sisters called Glace` (I don’t know if it’s pronounced Glace or perhaps because of the ` it’s more of a Glaciye, with a French accent? 🙂 ) but yeah, it’s great.  We got it in pre-cuts and some great bolts with it.  We love it so much!  And to help get the word out about our yardage that we’re carrying online, we’re doing a deal where if you get a Glace precut, and some Glace line yardage, you get 10% off, pretty sweet eh’?  Check out all the Glace` here.

Our other big news…. Riley Blake fabric.  I am in love with Riley Blake and the “In My Mind’s Eye” line.  I’m already looking to fill out our selection of ole’ RB.  Check out everything we’ve got of Riley Blake here.

Riley Blake
New Riley Blake!!