I’m so excited…. I just can’t hide it….

hangtag_glaceSo we got a few new goodies in this week that I am in love with!! ¬†First, we got the new line from 3 Sisters called Glace` (I don’t know if it’s pronounced Glace or perhaps because of the ` it’s more of a Glaciye, with a French accent? ūüôā ) but yeah, it’s great. ¬†We got it in pre-cuts and some great bolts with it. ¬†We love it so much! ¬†And to help get the word out about our yardage that we’re carrying online, we’re doing a deal where if you get a Glace precut, and some Glace line yardage, you get 10% off, pretty sweet eh’? ¬†Check out all the Glace` here.

Our other big news…. Riley Blake fabric. ¬†I am in love with Riley Blake and the “In My Mind’s Eye” line. ¬†I’m already looking to fill out our selection of ole’ RB. ¬†Check out everything we’ve got of Riley Blake here.

Riley Blake
New Riley Blake!!