Hello March…

How was your weekend?  (the last of February) I had a great time.  I got away with my husband, did a little shopping and cleaned house.  There was even enough time to whip this little baby out….It is a new pattern called Tumbleweeds, by This and That.  We used the Looking Back charm pack, (it is actually the deal of the day too!)and I love it!  Isn’t it just so pretty?  The colors are so rich.

Not sure what has gotten in me, but I have organization on the brain.  I am obsessed with planning and throwing things away.  I have been going through kids closets, toy bins and bedrooms with garbage sacks all to be donated.  It feels so good to get rid of the excess stuff !

On the down side, I want to remodel EVERYTHING, re paint, add shelves, new furniture  ETC.  Why can’t it all be done in a weekend?  And WHY oh WHY does it have to cost money?!!?  Well, as I narrow down my list, and make it a little more realistic I will share with you what we will actually be able to do.  [cause if you saw what I have now, you’d KNOW I was crazy]

Maybe I’ll do some before and after shots….I don’t want to bore you though.  🙂

Well, go have a great Monday!  Get busy doing your thing.