Red and White quilts Exhibit in New York {American Folk art}

Remember how amazingly Spring-like the weather had been?  Well, today we woke up to snow and are supposed to get 3-5 inches more tomorrow.  Yippee.  One last winter hoo-raw I say!  🙂  I’m actually fine with it, cause you see, I have a lot more to worry about than the weather right now.  (who knew, right?  Lately I’ve been a bit of a weather whiner.Lol)  Two days ago my husband had surgery, so I’ve been a bit distracted and focused on him.  Poor baby injured his rotator cuff skiing in January and it never healed right, so they had to go in and repair the damage.  Darn.  Everything though, went well and he is hoping for a quick recovery.  {literally, he thought he would be back to work the next day. Hahah, I’ve teased him endlessly about that!!}  If you knew my husband you would know that he is a go-getter.  Rarely will he sit still.  If he is at home he’s either working on something or pacing the floor till he finds something to do.

Anyway, enough of that mumbo-jumbo, I am on to having a TEENAGER!  What the?!?!!?  My daughter turned 13 today.  How insane is that?  I really can’t believe my little baby grew up so fast. I guess they all do that, don’t they?  Kinda sad really.  I always thought I would be the Mom of little babies…never really thinking they would grow up.  🙂

Life is just crazy like that…

Have you heard about the AWESOME American Folk Art Museum’s exhibit “Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” in New York!??!!?  Oh my goodness! I wish I could go!  It sounds amazing!

I got this info straight from the website: “The American Folk Art Museum has dramatically transformed the Park Avenue Armory’s historic 55,000-square-foot Wade Thompson Drill Hall with the installation of 650 red and white American quilts, all of which are on loan from the collection of Joanna S. Rose. It is the largest exhibition of quilts ever held in the city. As an extraordinary gift to the public, entry to this unprecedented event is free.”

Just look at the computerized renderings of what the exhibit will look like.  They were created by an amazing, award-winning design firm, Thinc Design.

Talk about breathtaking beauty!  Wow, I hope that if you are close to it, you go!  And please oh please, tell us about it!!  Doesn’t this make you want to sew something red and white??  I haven’t ever made a red and white quilt…Now I want to.  Really, bad!

If you still plan on sending a quilt to donate to Japan, you still have time.  We will be sending the donations next weekend.  Don’t worry, i will post a full report and take some pics of the quilts we are sending!

I wish you all the best weekend and we will see you back on Monday!  I have some fun stuff planned next week, so stay tuned!  🙂