Fast nine patch baby quilt…

This Saturday while I was Whawhahwha all alone at the Shop, I cut some strips and started on making a few nine patches!  (if you need a tutorial , click over to our tutorials page, Jenny has a nice video with easy instructions!)  We got this adorable baby  owl fabric in a while ago (Timeless Treasures) and I have been dying to make something with it ever since!


Here is my attempt at a Baby Boy Quilt!!  I put a nine patch and a solid, every other one.  Did a 2 1/2 ” mini border, then a 6″ outer border!  I love it.  What do you think?!?!!?

img_7583Of course it is now in line to be quilted, but I couldn’t wait to show you!  I had so much fun putting it together….and can I just say that I might love nine patches almost as much as I love pinwheels!?  (shhh, I am still a tad bit unsure of that last statement)

Anyway…..have you guys been checking out all the Quilt Market updates!?!?!  It looks like everyone had such a blast!!  I almost decided last minute to go…..but had to be to here to run the shop while Natalie and Mom Jenny went to the Machine Quilter’s Showcase.  We will SO be there at the next one in Houston!!  Honestly, we are counting down the days!  (Natalie wants to go so bad, she may or may not be making a paper chain to hang in the shop, as a countdown!!)  🙂

Have a Happy Monday!

*this afternoon Mom Jenny goes in for surgery on her leg.  They are going to do a bone graft and put a plate in it to hold it together.  Send good, healing, happy thoughts her way if you can!  🙂  Thanks!

Someday, maybe we will tell you the whole story with video and all on how she broke her leg…….someday!