Eye Candy…a pretty Jelly Roll race quilt!

This little Lady (i like to call her that) is on her way to the machine right now to get quilted!  Isn’t she a beauty!?!?  LOVE this collection by Kate Spain. It’s called Terrain, and I just can’t get over the bright-fun-happy-spirited colors it has in it!  So many combinations I like…I think of it as POP ROCKS for your eyes!  (remember that candy!  it’s like a saliva seizure!) LOL, Ok, this is getting weird.  I hope you know what I mean!  Anyway…ENJOY.

You love it too, don’t you!??!!

The Jelly roll race is SO quick and easy!  Once you make one, you can’t resist making another.  Raise your hand if you know what I mean?


For this particular quilt Amy used this jelly roll, this for the inner border and this for the outer border.  We do have all of these other options left, if you want something a bit different.

GO ahead, make one for yourself.

Now I want to.

*but you already knew that, didn’t you!