The winner of the amazing and beautiful snowflake Quilt is: CAROLYN WOODWARD!!!


We hope you absolutely love-love-love it!  You are going to have a lot of other quilters that are jealous of your win!   (heck, even I’m jealous)

If you are one of the ‘jealous’ ones, that want that quilt in a bad way, you can still get a kit for the quilt, here.  (if it says out of stock, you can click on the link to be notified when it comes back in stock. And it is coming, back in stock!)

We have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, celebrating with family and friends.  You can see a picture of a few cousins spending the night at Grandma Jenny’s on facebook!  All those quilts and all those kids!  Life just keeps getting better and better.

Have a great week!  We have lots more fun things to share with you this year!