Coming together….

I had to take a minute to give you all another update!!  The sheet-rock (or drywall, whatever you want to call it!) was delivered.  (I know, I already told you that.)  But I am just so excited…they already started hanging the ceiling and it already looks 100% better!!!

Here, take a  look:

Lovely. Right?

Here is a better shot of the ceiling…

I can’t wait to see it this weekend!!  Rumor has it they are done hanging the rock and are mudding and taping!!

One more week and we should be ready to paint!!  OH MY!!  This is really picking up steam now!!!

I’ll try to get you better updated pictures this weekend!

Monday, I took a rare moment and started a sewing project!  I did the ‘double sliced layer cake’ tutorial, and it went so fast!!

I just wanted to show you all a picture of my progress.  I am waiting for the weekend to get it all together. (darn, time.  I sure wish I had more of it!)

Here it is laid out and waiting for borders.  I used the new line Vintage Modern, and I LOVE it!!

Hope you have a great day!