You got time to lean, you got time to clean….

That is a phrase we’ve said, or heard for a long time!  That is just how we are.  Always busy-going non-stop!  Mom was always the one that had more energy and ambition than all of us, and believe me when I tell you she’d move rooms around ‘just for fun.’   We have grown up loving ‘a good project’ as Mom would call it.  She loved buying old houses and re-working them into something amazing. (and livable!) LOL!


So, even though most of our time is made up running the shop, answering emails and cutting fabric…we just need to get our hands dirty too!  Mom and I (and Katie) worked on our soon-to-be classroom and office area.  Getting things prepped and ready for paint and carpet.  Pulled nails, scraped old tile off the floor, re-organized stuff, and moved a lot of things around!

What is it about the last bit that can be so overwhelming?  Really, we have gotten a TON done.  (and fast, too) But then you list out the rest of what needs to happen and you get overwhelmed again.  We are still getting things done at a fast pace and still hope to be in there in a few short weeks…Here is a bit of the progress we’ve made this week.

Look at all that lumber! Just imagine these as awesome shelves for all the bolts of fabric we have!!
Working together gets the job done much faster!!
Multi-talented! This girl gets stuff DONE!
This is the view I’ve seen most of my husband lately. I’d know him anywhere by those legs! (and boots) Haha!
Here is a look at the sheet rock! Even the kids are excited!!

Lots more happening!  I got the carpet picked out on Saturday. (super excited about that!) And the sheet-rock is looking amazing!!!  I really can hardly wait to see it all painted and done!!  Man alive, it’s going to be beautiful!!

Now we have to get plumbing together for the bathrooms (Dad will be busy with that.) and get all the fixtures and cabinets for the bathrooms and break room.  Dad has been the go-to over there, just running the show!   Did I tell you he is making a built in display for thread?  That is going to be awesome!

And Bob and Bernice have already started on the display shelves!  Worked their buns off Saturday, and made huge progress!!  (Deloris and James….if they are keeping score (and it’s very possible Bernice is they are, you better get over there and help!)  hahah, kidding of course!

You guys have a great week!! Can’t wait to show you more!  Everyday it looks better, and gets closer to being done!  We sure appreciate all of your kind comments and to all our local friends who have helped us.  THANK YOU!  We wouldn’t be here with out you all!  (and we know that!!)