Jenny Doan and Crafty Gemini Retreats // 2015

jenny and vanessa web

This past couple of weeks, we had a special visitor in Hamilton at MSQC! Vanessa Vargas Wilson, the Crafty Gemini, was here for two back to back Jenny Doan/Crafty Gemini quilting retreats and these gals seriously had a blast!

jenny disappearing class

There’s always plenty of time for sewing and shopping when you’re here for a retreat, but this one was packed full of some fantastic classes as well! Jenny taught the retreaters how to make various disappearing blocks and then showed them how to turn them into a tablerunner. ūüôā

These gals are sisters who all love to sew and quilt! They came with their own matching t-shirts and even their own catch phrases! It was so fun to meet them!


Vanessa taught a class on how to make this adorabe ‘Any Which Way’ quilt using paper piecing!

any which way

Jenny even tried this one out because she wanted to improve her paper piecing skills! Those arrows are looking good, Jenny! ūüôā

jenny any which way

Vanessa did something that was so fun! She brought a Polaroid camera and took a special photo with each of the retreaters and signed it for them! What a fun little souvenir to take home! ūüôā


We hope you had a wonderful time, retreaters!



2nd round retreaters mural

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Sew Glamperous: A MSQC Glamping Retreat

There is something so exciting and empowering about being¬†around people who are just as passionate about quilting as we are! ¬†Every time we have an MSQC Retreat, we get to be a part of that and it just invigorates us! ¬†Last week, we had such an amazing group of women here for our ‘Sew Glamperous’ Glamping Retreat and we had the best time! ¬†Here’s a little recap.

glamping 16 copy

First, you may be wondering what ‘glamping’ is… well it’s basically glamorous camping… a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping (according to google). ¬†So while most people stayed in the retreat center, we had some people bring their ‘glampers’ and they were amazing! ¬†Here are just a couple.

glamping 4

You can’t have glamping without flamingoes!! ūüôā ¬†Don’t they look right at home??

glamping 3

This glamper lined her awning with lights that were wrapped in jelly rolls!  They looked so cute at night!!

glamping 2

This mother and daughter duo (below) is from Paducah, Kentucky, home of the¬†American Quilter’s Society Annual¬†Quilt Show & Contest. ¬†Last year they wore their Missouri Star t-shirts to the quilt show and people kept stopping them, thinking they worked for Missouri Star! ¬†Eventually, so many people stopped them that when people would say how much they loved Jenny and the tutorials, they just started saying, ‘Thank you!’ and went along with it! ūüôā We loved hearing their story and were so glad to have them with us for the¬†week! ¬†It was so great¬†to meet you, Lisa and Laura!

glamping 7

Mr. Jenny did some extra special construction for this retreat… he built the most adorable glamper photo prop! ¬†Here’s Jenny and Ron having a little fun! ūüôā

A photo posted by sarahmsqc (@sarahmsqc) on

This¬†is Hope from Nebraska (below). ¬†She came across Jenny’s tutorials when she was trying to make a Jelly Roll Race Quilt as her first quilting experience ever. ¬†At the retreat she was doing her first piecing and did such an amazing job!! ¬†Look how perfectly all of her seams match up! ¬†You’re a pro already, Hope! ¬†I think it’s safe to say that you’re officially a quilter! ūüėÄ ¬†(Hope’s son was with her for the week and was just as quiet and well-behaved as anyone could’ve hoped!)

glamping 10

Some of the activities included one of Jenny’s amazing trunk shows, a mystery quilt class taught by Jenny, antiquing and lots and lots of sewing!! ¬†They even had some visits from Mr. Jenny (Ron) and Rob Appell from Man Sewing, who was in town filming tutorials. ¬†Our retreaters didn’t seem to mind (see photo below)! ūüėČ

glamping 8

We had such a great time and can’t wait for our next glamping retreat!! ūüôā

glamping 6


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A Visit from Scotland!

We were so excited about this pair of friends who were shopping in Hamilton today that we wanted to share their story with you!

Meet¬†Margaret Digance from¬†Kingseat, Scotland. She’s a retired School Assistant for special needs kids ages 11-16 years old.

She’s never quilted, though she first “bumped into” quilting 12 years ago. She and her husband were staying in a hotel in Canada and all of the rooms were full because of a quilting convention. (Easy to imagine, right?! Ha!)

According to Margaret, people don’t quilt in Scotland. They knit, crochet and embroider because of all the wool.

margaret 2

Margaret had never heard of Missouri Star or Jenny until her friend Julie, who lives in Kansas City, brought her up today.  They sent the men to the golf course, too! Can you believe the men thought the ladies would only be here for a few hours?! Haha!

These photos are from the Penney’s Quilt Shop store (which we’ll profile in the next Hamilton Visitor’s Guide post).

Margaret¬†said “it was like sweet shoppe” and she was “gob-smacked” at all of the color. So cool! She says she loves the pale pastels like duck egg (the American equivalent would be¬†“robin’s egg” blue. Ha!) She fell in love with the dresden bag and the modern patterns in the shop.

We LOVED meeting you, Margaret and Julie! Until we see you again, happy stitching!