All the way from Mexico City, Mexico.

The real Mexico-Mexico.  NOT to be confused with, Mexico MO, or Mexico Texas.  Hahahah!!!  Our guests who came the farthest were, Carmen and her husband Aldo.  This trip was a birthday gift to Carmen.

Here is a picture with Natalie, Mom {Jenny} Carmen and I.  We all just had such a good time getting to know Carmen and Aldo.  They were so sweet.  They brought gifts for us and for our kids.  They were funny and kind.

Carmen, thank you.  It was such a pleasure to meet you.

And Aldo…Thank you for bringing your sweet wife to ‘Hamilton’ where the GPS doesn’t work and you have to explain to your friends WHY you came here. Hahahaha!!!

It was really a joy to meet you both!  Can hardly wait for you to return!

To hear more about the Bus Trip check out the forums, Sandy has a great post and has added pictures to her album!

To all of you that came:  YOU are the best!  Thank you all for making the trip amazing and fun.  A lot of you came from a far and we appreciate your sacrifice as well!  Thank you- thank you!  I can’t wait till next year!!!