A girl with a dream….

and the dream was to have a quilt with mermaids on it.

One day my little lady was having a rough day.  She was on her bed crying so I went in to see what was wrong and through her tears we started talking.  I had just painted her room a bright blue and I mentioned to her that the walls looked like the ocean.  She loved the thought of that, and it was just enough to distract her.  I asked her what she wanted to do to finish decorating her room and she was all talk from then on out…..She decided on” mermaids and rainbows….lots of colors,  Mom.”

I had to inlist the Grama (of course) to make this little gals dream a reality…..  Grama worked and worked and the finish product is this:

img_7449It is huge!!  Little Lady loves it!  Luckily she is understanding while it hangs in the Shop for display!  🙂  Grama made her a pillow case she has in her room now, and she can visit the quilt at the Shop!

img_7447Dreams do come true…..thank you Grama Jenny.

Now, if they had only had fabric with New Kids on the Block when I was a kid.  That would have been a dream maker right there!  🙂

Have a lovely Day Girls!!   I hope you all had a fabulous Mothers Day!