The day before…

The day before…

School starts tomorrow for my kids!  We have quite the mixture of emotions over here!  Excitement (the first grader) and major anxiety (the 8th grader) and between them is a little indifference!  Hahahah!!  Me, I am torn by the ease of summer and the schedule of the school year!  I do really well with a plan, and tend to get much more organized during the school year!  Plus, I will have much more time for my crazy-work schedule!

Yes, that means more projects that will get done and more blogs to be written!  🙂

So, enjoy the day today. Have you seen the crazy daily deal we have going on today!!?!?  SO MUCH FUN!!!

I will be busy getting the last minute details together for the kids, and hopefully one last trip to the pool!

See you soon.  I’ll be back with some show and tell tomorrow!  Boy, do I have some good ones for you!!


  • Julie

    Can’t get on your website today, couldn’t get on yesterday either. Tried the link to all the different shops on it.  What’s up? 

  • Chami

    I haven’t been able to see any of the specials either today. Only page I can go to is the blog.

  • Anonymous

    we’ve been up and running all day, not sure why you’re not able to see it.  Can you tell me what error it’s giving you?


  • Bernice


    I am not getting an error.  The icon just spins but will not go on the site. 


  • Evelyn

    Where can I find the printed instructions so that I can print and/or save the instructions.  I love the tea towel apron as well as a couple of other items that I would like to try to make but don’t have time right now.  I would love to be able to find the printed instructions.
    Thank you

  • I can’t wait for show and tell.  You know that is my most favorite thing!!!!

  • Dosen

    Am having the same problem as Bernice, just the spinning and no website.  however I can get it on linksys but not my secure belkin server.

  • Sheila Nichols

    I am unable to get on your website. My computer keeps trying and trying, but no website. I have never had this problem with your website before. I can get to your blog easily.

  • Jewleep

    Hi, it’s now after midnight…here, just thought I’d check before turning off the computer.  There isn’t an error code.  It simply won’t connect to the store website.  I have tried the shortcut on my desktop and searched for it via google.   Because it has links to the  catagories on the stores online website, I have tried each of these.  None of them work.  Even the tutorials don’t work.  The only thing that works is this blog.  It simply won’t connect and hasn’t for two complete days now.  Seems I’m not the only one. I haven’t had the problem with any other sites.   I do feel bad I’ve probably missed out on some screaming deals!

  • Debmar2000

    hi, I can’t get into the website, never had this problem before…did something change?