Hello, Fall. Quilt Market, Road Trip, Twitter and more!

Hello, Fall. Quilt Market, Road Trip, Twitter and more!


Is this year flying by, or what!?!?  I am still not over the fact that school is back in session…..summer went by in a flash. But fall inevitably leads to winter.  (oh-my, not ready for that for sure!)  I do LOVE the seasons, however and I have decided to embrace fall.

We are gearing up for Market this weekend (holla if you’re going to be there!), and I can NOT wait to see all the new stuff!  It is going to be amazing and fun…..and I plan on keeping you all in the ‘know’ this year!

Us girls are road tripping there.  We are gonna have a crazy-wild time.  Our ride there is going to be insane!  We are leaving after we give a presentation to a Guild in Kansas City…..we will drive straight there, hopefully getting to Houston by 3 am.  Then Friday we have classes lined up from 10am-8pm then sample spree from 8pm- 10 pm!

Whew, if you didn’t think (know) we were crazy before, I am pretty sure this sums it up perfectly!  🙂  BUT, after the crazy days that are Thursday and Friday, we should have plenty of time to meet everyone, see everything and even attend a few parties!

Have I mentioned  how extremely excited I am to go!?  Seriously ALL the people….all the designers…all the FABRIC….Oh, MAN.

Just so you know….we will be blogging and tweeting (that’s right, we’re on Twitter now, follow us!) about everything.  You want answers to what ‘they’ are wearing, doing, selling!?!?!?  We will try to answer those questions and ANY others you might have!  Ask away.

Seriously…..what have you always wanted to know about Market?  About any designer, manufacturer, etc ….I will seriously be your “Geraldo Rivera” of Market.     ( Minus that hair.  I am not afraid to ask the tough questions.) 🙂

Bring it on!  Ask away….and I will LET you know.


This is the Young Single Good Looking Computer Guy (YSGLCG) here, and I thought you may have trouble recognizing Sarah at Quilt Market if she’s in her Geraldo Rivera mode, so I ran some calculations and came up with her approximate look she should have while there so you all can find her.  Remember, this woman is a master of disguises, and this is approximate, so use your own judgement, but this should help.


  • Jenny

    You are hilarious!!!

  • Oh YSGLCG…. you are hilarious. Thanks for clearing that up for everyone!

  • looks like you are already off to a great start at having fun at Market! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what goodies you find and show us.

    Sure wish I were going this year…
    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  • That’s just wrong! Ha ha haha!

  • Ditto on the hilarious part. Just wondering if you could update us facebookers too on the market trip. We like being in the KNOW too. What do you say can you twitter and facebook it? Just curious.

  • I forgot to post my question. DAH! So since I have never been to market this is kind of hard, but I guess I am curious how the designers get their ideas for the fabric/designs. What inspires them? It would be kind of cool to see info on how a fabric or design for a quilt come to BE, too. You know from start to finish. Just wondering!