Fabric Friday: Quilt Market Edition

Fabric Friday is taking a slight detour this week in order to share a bit about our trip to Quilt Market last weekend. We headed to Pittsburgh, PA for Spring Market this year. Everything you see here will be shipping to stores in the coming months, so stay tuned to the shop!


Market is held each fall in Houston and rotates between five different cities for spring. Wondering the difference between Market and Festival? Market is the industry trade show, while Festival is open to the public. The photo above shows one half of the booths we checked out! Crazy, right?

At Market, we have the chance to see and visit with our favorite designers to see their new fabric lines. Look! We found our friend Lynne with Kansas Troubles!



We also get to see exciting new products, like these awesome die cuts from Sizzix! Amazing, right?



The booths are always great to see. So much inspiration in a 10’x10′ space! Check out the colorful new Paint collection of fabric by Carrie Bloomston for Windham! You might recognize her name from her popular debut collection, Collage. Fans will be happy to know the newsprint fabric is back!


Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree never disappoints! This is her booth for her upcoming Moda collection, Somerset. So many beautiful new quilt patterns she has, too!


image_4 image_3


Heading over to the Robert Kaufman Fabrics area, we find more quilts that wowed us! Many of our Instagram followers asked about the pattern (made from the Beau Monde line) and our friends at RK tell us it will be a free pattern called Cleopatra’s Fan, coming soon to their site.



Also in the Kaufman section, Valori Wells had several amazing quilts on display! Check out this one made from her Blueprint Basics fabrics. Keep your eyes here for the free pattern coming soon!



RJR introduced a new division of the company called Cotton + Steel. If the always-crowded booth is any indicator, these collections will be quite popular. The five designers’ collections are all designed to work separately as well as together. The giant swatch wall seemed to dance to the air conditioner in the convention center!

image_1 copy

Check out this beautiful flying geese quilt, made with the Homebody line from Cotton+Steel:


Market might be all business for MSQC, but you know us…we still know how to have a great time!


….and leave inspired to sew! Just ask Al. He picked the upcoming Fig Tree line as the perfect collection to make his FIRST QUILT! Stay tuned, kids. Things are about to get awesome!

image_2 copy


Lucky for Al, he knows a family member (or two. or ten) who can teach him! Any guesses for the tutorial he’s picked? Or any tips to pass along? Leave him a comment and cheer him on!

Fabric in the Kid’s Corner

I love the children’s fabric at Missouri Star! I have only made a quilt once in my life (a baby one, for my son), but every time I see theses fabrics I think about making another quilt.

dinosaur quilt

googlies and jungles jungle fabrics

pinwheel quilt

kids corner

Click on the pictures to be taken to the pictured fabrics!



One of the highlights of School-House was Sarah Jane’s fabric debut.  {called Children at Play, from Michael Miller} It was definitly the ‘IT’ fabric of Market.  Everyone wants it and loves it.  It is whimsical and adorable and perfect for both boys and girls!  Everything you need for a great children’s line.

Sarah Jane and Sandy Henderson Present their School House! Both had fabulous lines!!
Gorgeous, right!? And this is just a small sample!

Sandy Henderson has a great new line coming out as well called Secret Garden.  Talk about eye candy.  The colors are just beautiful.

I wish that was my living room!! Hahah!

Next up was the Moda designer school house!  Talk about a good time!  Those Ladies know how to have fun!  Each designer made a block and a project to go with their new lines.  It was fun to see what they did (or didn’t do).

The room was packed with people!  Miss Lissa Alexander sure knows how to put together a show.  They were all such a delight to meet and mingle with.  It is just amazing to see so many creative minds work so well together.

How can I get a Market post in and NOT talk about Heather Bailey and Amy Butler?!!?  Not possible.

Heather Bailey has a lot of fun things going on in other industries as well.  Note cards, plates and napkins, tea towels, aprons etc etc.  It will be fun to see how the different industries meet.  Quite exciting, if you ask me.  And guess what!??!?!  She announced in her schoolhouse that she was pregnant!  Yup, Heather Bailey is PREGNANT!!! {she told us even before she told her staff!}  Talk about a scoop, huh!  Congrats Heather!  {btw, she is absolutely adorable and nearly half way through with her pregnancy and you couldn’t even tell she was preggo!}

Anyway, Amy Butler has some fun things happening too.  She is very excited about her new organics line and talked about that as well.  She has some pretty fun patterns coming out too!

Then there was SAMPLE SPREE!  Oh-my-craziness!  Talk about ravenous-hungry-fabric loving- crazy people!  For real!

Can’t wait to show you those pics!


Let’s go fly a kite…

You know.  After a pretty awful week, the weekend turned out to be spectacular.  Really.  Having a plan, the beautiful weather and a picnic.  How much better could it be.

We have the best parks in our area, and because we are new, each one is an adventure.  We went on a ‘park-search’ and picked the first one we saw.  Granted, it was pretty small, even compared to the one right down our street, but it was perfect for us.  We put out our jean picnic blanket and ate our lunch.  *My youngest, who is 3 was really worried about Yogi Bear stealing our pic-a-nic basket.  {the kids had just watched that movie last week, LOL}  I had to assure him several times that I would protect the basket.

The weather was PERFECT kite flying weather and in no time all the kites were up in the air!  Yay! {I just bought the cheap plastic kites and they were great! Plus we lost two to the trees, so I was glad I hadn’t spent a fortune.}

I didn’t get any sewing done, but we did make it to two other parks.  There isn’t quite anything like a nice day in the sun.

It really was perfect.  Thank you all for encouraging me to just GO, and for all the sweet condolences.  The quilting community is just the best.  I am so glad to be a part of it.  Thanks.

Now, I am off to pack my bags for SALT LAKE CITY, baby!  Can you believe it is already that time?!?!  QUILT MARKET, here I come!  I am getting so excited! I have so many fun things planned out there.  I will try to snatch up some new fabric {from sample spree} and bring you back a little treat and we can have a giveaway right here on the blog!  Doesn’t that sound fun!?!?

I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend, a happy Mother’s Day and a great week ahead!

We’ll talk soon.


Better late….

Not sure if that is really true or not.  Haha.  This week has been a little tough for my family.  My husband lost his Grandma and had to leave Tuesday for Canada.  I had to stay home with the kids {cause we haven’t gotten passports for the kids, yet. }  So I have been holding down the fort, so to speak.

I sure do miss my husband when he is gone.  Out here {where we just moved} I feel especially alone, because I really haven’t made a ton of friends and haven’t been here long enough to really know anyone.  I was so spoiled living amongst my family.  I had instant friends and if I ever needed anything, they were there.  What a brat, huh.  It has been an interesting adjustment for sure.

Well, I am planning on getting more work done on my ‘quilt in progress’, if I can get those tension issues resolved.  {still working on that…See, it would have been so easy if Mom was just down the road! Haha.}  🙂

I hope that you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  I am going to take my kids to the park for a picnic and kite flying (if we have enough wind) and just relax.  I’ll take pics and share them on Monday.  I still have a million and one things to get ready before i leave for Market….I’ll get to it.

Can’t wait to show you some of the awesome things we’ve been up to…