Sew Glamperous: A MSQC Glamping Retreat

Sew Glamperous: A MSQC Glamping Retreat

There is something so exciting and empowering about being around people who are just as passionate about quilting as we are!  Every time we have an MSQC Retreat, we get to be a part of that and it just invigorates us!  Last week, we had such an amazing group of women here for our ‘Sew Glamperous’ Glamping Retreat and we had the best time!  Here’s a little recap.

glamping 16 copy

First, you may be wondering what ‘glamping’ is… well it’s basically glamorous camping… a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping (according to google).  So while most people stayed in the retreat center, we had some people bring their ‘glampers’ and they were amazing!  Here are just a couple.

glamping 4

You can’t have glamping without flamingoes!! 🙂  Don’t they look right at home??

glamping 3

This glamper lined her awning with lights that were wrapped in jelly rolls!  They looked so cute at night!!

glamping 2

This mother and daughter duo (below) is from Paducah, Kentucky, home of the American Quilter’s Society Annual Quilt Show & Contest.  Last year they wore their Missouri Star t-shirts to the quilt show and people kept stopping them, thinking they worked for Missouri Star!  Eventually, so many people stopped them that when people would say how much they loved Jenny and the tutorials, they just started saying, ‘Thank you!’ and went along with it! 🙂 We loved hearing their story and were so glad to have them with us for the week!  It was so great to meet you, Lisa and Laura!

glamping 7

Mr. Jenny did some extra special construction for this retreat… he built the most adorable glamper photo prop!  Here’s Jenny and Ron having a little fun! 🙂

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This is Hope from Nebraska (below).  She came across Jenny’s tutorials when she was trying to make a Jelly Roll Race Quilt as her first quilting experience ever.  At the retreat she was doing her first piecing and did such an amazing job!!  Look how perfectly all of her seams match up!  You’re a pro already, Hope!  I think it’s safe to say that you’re officially a quilter! 😀  (Hope’s son was with her for the week and was just as quiet and well-behaved as anyone could’ve hoped!)

glamping 10

Some of the activities included one of Jenny’s amazing trunk shows, a mystery quilt class taught by Jenny, antiquing and lots and lots of sewing!!  They even had some visits from Mr. Jenny (Ron) and Rob Appell from Man Sewing, who was in town filming tutorials.  Our retreaters didn’t seem to mind (see photo below)! 😉

glamping 8

We had such a great time and can’t wait for our next glamping retreat!! 🙂

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If you hope to participate in one of our future retreats or events, you can find more info on those here: Missouri Star Quilt Company Events

  • Sandra Navas

    I need a camper/glamper . . . real bad!!

  • Kelly Jo Bowman

    I love Fridays! Why do you ask? Because of Jenny! Love getting your tutorials and seeing what you have been up to! Want to come out there!!!!

  • Nancy Maher

    I am blessed to have purchased from MSQC and to have watched MANY of Jenny’s WONDERFUL tutorials!!! Told my sister from Maryland all about you and your store and since I live in St. Louis, we hope to get there yet this year to fully experience everything you have done! Keep up the WONDERFUL work!!!

  • Lois Quier

    I am so excited my husband and I are traveling from Montana to Maine with a side trip to the MSQC in about a week. I am so excited to see your shops and maybe get to see Jenny. Last winter I discovered Jenny’s tutorials and love them. I made my first wall hanging from one of them, and can’t wait to get started on the next quilt.

  • Debra Learn

    This retreat is on my bucket list. 🙂

  • Kati Minica Savage

    Oh! I’m so sad I missed it. 🙁 I’m afaid my “bucket” has become more the size of a tub but Glamping has definitely been added.

  • MimiLisa

    If my husband (also Ron) is a quilter too is he allowed at a glamping event? He worked in hospital OR’s for over 20 years so I don’t think anything could surprise him since the nurses would discuss EVERYTHING in front of him! You wouldn’t even have to change the No Boys Allowed sign, lol!!

  • Kathy Burchill

    I want to be on the early notice email list for the next glamping event. Looks like you had a blast. It just filled up too fast hopefully next time.

  • Wendi MSQC

    Oh Kathy we would love for you to join us next time!!! Keep an eye out on the newsletters!

  • Wendi MSQC

    Katie we would love for you to join us! Come have a blast and for a short time forget your daily worries!

  • Wendi MSQC

    Debra get ready to move this to the top of the list! Come join us!! Rain or shine we have a great time!

  • Wendi MSQC

    Lois we are excited you are coming to see us! Stop by the main store and ask if Jenny is around.

  • Wendi MSQC

    Hi Mimi as long as you bring a camper or tent you can of course bring your husband! We hope to see you next year!

  • Betty Case

    Looks like fun

  • Connie Viesselman

    I was one of the lucky Glampers who attended this event and it exceeded all my expectations 100 fold. It was my first MSQ retreat and can’t wait for next year. The retreat center, MSQ staff, food, projects, and shopping were all top notch.


    Oh I so want to come to MSQC and participate in a quilting retreat, it looks like such fun. Alas, I don’t have any quilting friends who can make the time commitment, and I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to drive 14 hours by myself to get there (although the September Fall Retreat does look very tempting…). I have bought LOTS and LOTS of fabric and tools from MSQC in the last few years, and can proudly say I have just completed my first quilt top ever: Jelly Roll Race 2 (although in my case, it was a Jelly Roll “Walk”; I just can’t work that fast!!). Now to get the backing to make my “quilt sandwich”, practice some Free-motion quilting and really finish an entire quilt. You give me hope it’s doable, Jenny and team! ~ Diana from Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)

  • Pamela Bagwell

    I, too, was one of the “glampers” and had such fun! It was my first time to MSQC and I so enjoyed the shops. It was fun to meet the other quilters from around the country and Jenny’s trunk show Friday night was my favorite of all the “happenings”! Thanks to Cindy and Susan for being such wonderful hostesses!

  • Kathy Burchill

    Jenny when they have another one(hint hint) and it works out for both of us you get as far as valley city nd and we will car pool the rest of the way.

  • Brenda Morris

    I would have loved being with you ,so much fun…I am looking forward to you visiting Australia for a Glamping retreat lol

  • @connieviesselman:disqus We are so glad you had a good time!! This was definitely one of our favorites! We hope you do make it next year!! 🙂 (BTW, if you would like the group photo, just click on it for the full size, then right-click save) 😀

  • @pamela_bagwell:disqus we’re so glad you enjoyed your time in Hamilton and hope you get to come again!!! 😀

  • Thanks, @Hvnbound56:disqus!! We hope you do get to visit!! 😀

  • Wendi MSQC

    Thank you Brenda! Jenny visited Australia last year and it was such an eye opening experience. Such wonderful hospitality!

  • Wendi MSQC

    Hi Diana! We sure would love to have you here. We sure would love to see a picture of your jelly roll race/walk quilt!!! It does not matter how long it takes to make a quilt as long as you love it when you are done.Thank you so much for your support Diana! have a great day.


    Well, it sounds like fun, but I checked a map, and Valley City ND is about 5 hours further away from me than Hamilton MO is! 😉 You’d be better off car-pooling with someone from Winnipeg Manitoba… or Bismark or Fargo!