Fun with Quilting!

Fun with Quilting!

We have some cool little phrases available on bookmarks in our shop and we thought it would be fun to share them customers in the shop AND with the rest of the world. So, world, here you go! From Missouri Star to you, some sweet (and some silly) quilty quotes.

Be sure to tell us which one made you smile the most!

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  • Pam

    Any chance these will be available as prints? I would love to hang them in my sewing room!

  • JenniferMSQC

    It’s on the list for sure! So pleased you like them. Thanks, Pam!

  • Marg

    I like the first one and the last

  • Frances Kane

    Measure twice, cut once has been my mantra since I made a big boo boo on my first quilt. But is really smiled at “When the going gets tough, the tough get sewing”.

  • Mama to 6

    “When Life Falls to Pieces, Make a Quilt”. YES! 🙂 Maybe I just needed to hear this today. I saw your write-up in the MEC News Outlet, and had to check out your site. We’re originally from Oregon, moved here 3 yrs. ago in order to raise our 5 kids on the land with animals and fresh air. 🙂 We homeschool, and are preggo with #6. I love quilting, but with the oldest being only 8, I really don’t get much time. Life is a lot harder here in the midwest, and possibly I just forgot that beauty comes from the struggles. Thanks for this little reminder! Will definitely be coming back to look more later on. 🙂

  • Alex

    “When Life Falls to Pieces, Make a Quilt” – ablosute best! Want one printet either. =)

  • Lois Noyes

    When the going gets tough, the tough get sewing. Although I like all of them, and the layout and bright colors are very eye catching. Love your blog, your website, your products, your “The Block” magazines, and I especially enjoy all the behind the scene info and in the magazine, all the back stories and family info. Keep it coming.