You talked, we listened! More SALES!

If you subscribe to our Quilter’s Daily Deal e-mail (and if not, you should, click here and check the box that says deliver it daily), you may have noticed something different.  If you scroll down past the Quilter’s Daily Deal description, there’s a pleasant surprise … more deals!

Let me explain.  We know how much you all love the Quilter’s Daily Deal and some of you have even e-mailed us wishing that you could put more than one into your cart.  Sadly, this is not possible, as many of our deals are sold below our cost, so if you could buy unlimited deals, we’d be out of business!  However, we want to give you the next best thing.  We now offer “Daily Specials” and “Weekly Specials”, in addition to the daily deal, which can be seen at the bottom of the daily deal e-mail.  They may not carry as deep a discount as the Quilter’s Daily Deal, but the beauty is that you can add as many of them to your cart as you’d like!

The new “Daily Specials” are available until midnight of the day the e-mail is sent.  The “Weekly Specials” run from Sunday at midnight to the next Sunday at midnight.  So basically when you see a Weekly Special just know that it runs until the nearest Sunday at midnight.

Since we offer $5 flat shipping (in the U.S), the more you add to your cart, the better value you get for your money.  And remember, if you spend more than $100, your shipping is free (US only)!  We also offer great international shipping rates.

This is another way to say “thank you” for supporting MSQC and being awesome customers.  We hope you enjoy the new daily specials.

Happy Quilting!