Wishlist changes here at MSQC

Hey everyone, it’s me Al, the computer guy again. I wanted to take a quick second and explain some changes we’ve been working on for the website.

We used to have a wishlist that was just that … a really long list of stuff you liked but weren’t quite ready to buy. Well, we figured there was a lot more involved here than just a closet to put stuff for a while, so we put our heads together to try and figure out something cool.

We realized that when shopping for fabric, you have multiple lists you might need to keep. For instance, every quilt you plan on making should be able to be a list (baby quilt, quilt for karen, big star quilt). Maybe you’d want a list for your “someday” items, like a pair of Gingher scissors or that Oliso Auto Lift iron mom uses. Maybe you finally found those 2-3 shades of thread you actually like, put them on a list so shopping is easy! Or what about a list for your friends birthday that you can share around with friends and each buy something off the list for her big day. There are a lot of ideas you all have already come up with while we’ve been testing this, and we’re excited to help you all keep being creative, and to share your creativity with friends!

So take a second and head over to the site, login, and start adding things to your lists, let us know what sort of lists you’re coming up with, and if this is helpful, we hope it will be!