Tips for Shopping at Missouri Star

Whether it is your first time or fiftieth time visiting us at Missouri Star, we want to make sure that each and every time you visit, that you have the most successful and pleasant experience! This is why we have curated a list with all of the “tips and tricks” to make your shopping experience go as smooth and seamless as possible!

To begin your shopping journey, we suggest starting in our Main Shop! Once inside you will be greeted and directed over to our tablets, where you can print a shopping pass. If you are familiar with our Quilter’s Cash program, the pass is your account in barcode form, which makes checking out much quicker!

Whereas our other shops are themed, the Main Shop has sections from all of our stores, this is to give you a preview of what is to come before you visit the actual shop. If you don’t have a lot of time to shop, this will be especially helpful so that you can visit only the shops that interest you the most! Before you leave Main, make sure to also grab a map of the town so you don’t miss anything!

Shopping Tips at Missouri Star
In addition to fabric from all of our shops, the Main Shop is also home to our t-shirts and souvenirs!

With so many quilt shops in one town, make sure to wear comfortable shoes! If you have all day to shop, we suggest going through all of our shops first to preview everything, take pictures of what you like as you go along, then to eat lunch at one of our tasty restaurants in town. After lunch, once your mind is more relaxed, we then suggest going back through the shops to actually start shopping, this way you will know all of your choices before making decisions. When taking pictures of products you like, make sure to also snap a photo of the outside of the shop as well, this way you will know for sure which shop it was in.

Here at Missouri Star we are always thinking of ways to help reduce the environmental impact of items we use everyday, that is why we now offer bonus Quilter’s Cash on every purchase if you use a reusable tote!

Shopping Tips at Missouri Star

Another few things to know while shopping are that each shop will have a restroom available for you to use, we do allow service animals, and if you are needing a break, make a stop in Man’s Land and put your feet up!

Shopping Tips at Missouri Star

There are a couple things to keep in mind when having fabric cut, especially if you are following a pattern. We cut in 1/4 yard increments, so if you are needing a 1/3, we will have to cut a 1/2. Additionally, on our clearance fabric (which is in every store) there is no minimum, we will cut as small as a 1/4 yard. Another helpful tip to remember is that if you are matching fabric from one store to another, we will snip off a small piece for you to carry along, so that you can accurately match.

Once you are all shopped out and ready to leave Quilt Town USA, there are a few more things to remember before you leave! If you are running low on space in your vehicle and would rather have your items shipped home, both our Penney’s Shop and Main Shop will ship home for you at the same rates as online, which means free shipping when you spend $100! Just like online as well, the daily deal and free gifts for spending certain threshold amounts (if there are any), can be picked up in the same shops that we ship out of.

Shopping Tips at Missouri Star

To make sure you remember your trip to Hamilton forever, don’t forget to take a picture in front of one of our gorgeous murals in town!

Grab a sneak peak into a few of our shops in these short videos! >