Thanks for BARING with us :-)

Hey it’s me, the YSGLCG šŸ™‚

So you may have noticed we were upgrading our servers yesterday/today. You probably hit a blank page and maybe a few errors as you tried to shop and navigate the site. I hope you’ll forgive us, but this was a pretty major upgrade for us. We are super excited about this (well I’m the only one that gets excited about servers, cables, and python scripts, and…. maybe that’s why I’m not married :P) So what’s up? Well the forum is back, the site is running on our own shiny new servers (so it should be consistent speeds, ie, you’ll never notice those old slow times we ran into before).

Anyway, we’re back at full strength, so watch out! We got space to create, and that’s the whole reason we do this right!? We HAVE to foster our creativity!