In case you haven’t figured it out yet…..

I am a beginner.  As in-I have NEVER quilted a thing in my life!   For real!  Mom taught all of us girls to sew growing up, and I hated it.  Could care less about it and literally hoped and prayed I wouldn’t EVER have to do it again!!!  Somehow, I got roped in to opening a quilt shop with Mom, (still confused a little on how it happened)   🙂    and have fallen in love with this world.  You know, the quilting world.  And believe me when I say it is a WORLD all it’s own!  I have met the nicest people while hanging out and I am happy to admit I have been bitten by the bug……(yes, it’s a bug.  OBVIOUSLY very contagious.  really)  I sewed my very first quilt top.  Just imagine me, a little embarrassed and a LOT excited!

I had heard about the disappearing nine patch on a ton of blogs…. Natalie did a baby quilt and showed me the basics.  Instantly I knew this was the quilt for me.  It looks like a TON of work, but it is actually very basic and easy.  So, I bought 3 charm packs and started to sew.

Charm packs make it easy because there is minimal cutting and instant results.  And I am all about instant results! 🙂  If you haven’t tried the disappearing nine patch DO IT!  It is so fun and amazing.  Really, I felt like I could really sew!  I am still not convinced I am a quilter…….but I am getting more used to the idea.     🙂    (I mean, I have always admired quilters and girls with sewing skills…I just never thought I would be among them!)  But,  I had a blast and I can’t wait to finish it!   I am actually thinking about more ideas….different quilts I want to do and try….

Disappearing 9 patch top

And in case you are interested, in the forums they are talking about doing a virtual sewing bee…..*squeal* this is it, Girls!  This is our year!!  All you ‘non-sewers  let us unite.  We can be quilters too!!  🙂   Go pick out a favorite charm pack and lets do this together!  :)Here is a picture of my finished top.  I used Sweet, by Urban Chik’s. (obsessed much?  Ok, so I like Urban Chik’s…. A Lot.)  Is it healthy?  Doubtful.  But I do love them.   I think I might get 3 more charm packs and double the size…..hmmm  I will let you know.  🙂

Hope you have a fabulous day Ladies!!