Sewing Projects for a Full Heart (and Bobbin)!

When someone is covered in a cozy, warm quilt, they are reminded that someone sat at a sewing machine for hours, carefully piecing and stitching, with them in mind. A handmade table runner sitting on the family dining table shows a loving home to all who feast there. To be gifted a wall hanging is a reminder that they are loved by its maker.

Valentine’s day is one of the best holidays to make for because it’s about love and we LOVE to make! Here are some sweet as pie project ideas:

Tender Hearts Quilt Project Tutorial

Tender Hearts

Image – Tender Hearts Wall Hanging by Christopher Thompson (Check out his blog for a Valentine Ombre Wall Hanging)

Pour your heart into a love-able quilt or mini wall-hanging. This sweet project will make your heart melt!



Zig Zag Placemats & Napkins Pattern

Zig Zag Placemats & Napkins

Make tea time the best time when you get stuck on these easy-to-sew table accessories!


Love Notes Quilt Tutorial

Love Notes

Make their cheeks rosy, by turning our version of “You’ve Got Mail” into “Love Notes.”



Love is in the Air Quilt Project

Love is in the Air

Can you feel it in the air tonight? You will when you become love-struck by appliqué hearts!



You Make My Heart Happy Valentine's Day Panel

You Make My Heart Happy

“You make me happyyy when skies are greyyy. You’ll never knooww dearrr how much I love you…” is what you’ll be singing while putting together this adorable project!


Check out our selection of Valentine’s Day themed fabrics and get started! Whatever you make, make it with love.

Have you ever received a hand-made gift? Tell us about it in the comments!

Tender Heart Quilt

Learn to make this Tender Heart Quilt with a fun bonus project!

This tutorial is super fun because Jenny not only teaches you how to make this adorable Tender Heart Quilt but with the scraps from that project she has created another great quilt! So, you get twice the fun in one great tutorial. Plus, almost zero wasted fabric.

Jenny demonstrates this lovely Tender Heart quilt with a BONUS project!

Click the diagram below for a free downloadable PDF!

Missouri Star Quilt Co. Diagram of the Tender Heart Quilt

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

FREE Sewing & Quilting Valentine Printables!

FREE Printable Sewing and Quilting Valentines From Missouri Star Quilt Company!

Sometimes it seems like exchanging valentines is just a gimmick created by greeting card companies to make us spend money, but I just can’t help getting swept up in the idea of love uncontrollably flowing from every direction. If you love love, then forget those greeting card companies and allow yourself to show love for others in simple ways. With these darling Valentine’s Day cards, you can show you care in your own language of quilting!

We just couldn’t resist thinking of “punny” phrases about quilting and sewing and decided to turn them into these super cute printable Valentines for you to give to all your quilty friends! Maybe it’ll spark a new tradition in your quilt guild! How about a “Galentine’s” Day quilt gathering for your gal-pals, complete with quilt-related treats like jelly rolls, turnovers, and layer cakes, just to name a few!

Click on the banner to download your printables, cut them out and give them to all your dearest friends! We’d love to hear about your Valentine’s Day plans so leave us a little comment at the end of this post and let us know how you’re going to use them. Happy Quilting!

valentine download banner For those of you with slower internet, you can download this smaller version of the printables:

Smaller Download File 

Valentines Party! {show and tell}

Look at all these great Valentines inspired projects you’ve been working on!!

Barbara sent this to us! Love it!

I think this Northcote Range fabric, by Cabbages and Roses is very romantic.



This quilt and accessories are AWESOME!   In Jean’s email she said that she was inspired from the heart block video, and put this together!!

I absolutley love it!

I’m so glad you all shared!!

Do you have any specific Valentines day traditions?  Or things that make it memorable for you?  Growing up, my Dad always gave us each a little heart with chocolates, and we felt so special.  (he still gives us our own boxes of chocolates.  Such a sweet guy!)

As a Mom, i had to come up with something to do, that included everyone and would be the least painful. (as far as putting it together, and making everyone happy) LOL.

 So, I came up with one dinner I could make that ALL my kids would eat (without complaining.)

With 5 kids, that is a tough bill!  That is when I started the traditional Valentines dinner of French Toast.  (I make a few, stuffed french toasts, mmm) and the rest plain.  You see, I wanted to have a nice dinner and be able to express love to each other, with no whining!

The first time we started this, I think we only had three kids.  I had each one of them go around the table and tell one thing about each member of the family that they loved.  It is truly the sweetest thing.  They were all crying by the time it was over, because they realized how much they loved each other.  Such sweet moments, I hope I never forget.  I look forward to it every year, and it’s kind of fun to have our own little tradition.

If you have a chance to comment, I’d love to hear what you do with your family.

If you haven’t today, tell someone you love them.  There is never a bad time to say those words.

Come back tomorrow, I have one more absolutely adorable wall hanging to share.


Valentines Day giveaway and a little about what’s going on with us!

With Valentines just around the corner, I thought we should giveaway some beautiful Valentine’s fabric!  As some of you know, we are giving a layer cake away on Facebook and I thought, heck, why don’t we offer something even better right here on the blog!  SO … I am going to giveaway a layer cake AND a jelly roll from the same cute Happy Hearts line by Adornit!


So, just like on Facebook, to enter all you have to do is leave a comment and tell us about your most special or worst Valentines Day.  I’m sure enjoying reading all the Facebook comments and can relate to so many – I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say!

Anyway, things here at MSQC are crazier than ever.  LIFE.  Whew, it can sure be exhausting!  I just want to tell you all how incredibly grateful we are for you and your continued support.  You might have noticed that our site’s been having issues.  Although most are not affected by these issues, some have had a really tough time browsing our site and even checking out.  Since we are a family business, working hard to grow and offer you more and more, we don’t exactly have extensive IT Department.  In fact, our IT department consists of little brother Al (he’s still little to me, even though he’s 6.7″).  Really, he is a one man show on the tech side of our business.  He has had many sleepless nights, and we love him for that.  After we switched servers to make things better, we had some lost code issues, the fix for which has been like finding a needle in a hay stack – fun stuff (I hope you sense my extreme sarcasm)!  We hope that things will be running flawlessly soon and that you will all have a wonderful experience browsing our site.  Despite the problems, for the most part, things are much better, faster and we can handle more traffic.  Please rest assured that we are working diligently to get all the ‘bugs’ worked out.  Our intentions are only to have a better site that will offer you all more.

Most of you have been amazingly patient!  And we thank you for that.  If you do have an issue please, oh please email us or give us a call.  We want to help you in any way that we can.  If you must leave a message we will call you back!              888 571 1122      

Back to the giveaway, please do tell us about your funny-awesome-horrific Valentines experiences!  I can’t wait to read them all!  I’ll pick two winners via on Wednesday night and announce it Thursday!