Another Giveaway…

National Quilting Day at MSQC!!

Last week was a wild and crazy week on the calendar.  It started off by “Springing Forward” on Sunday, followed by St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday.  Throw in basketball’s March Madness and a full moon, not to mention ending the week with National Quilting Day!  {whew, I’m tired just writing all of that. haha}  Well, just to keep the excitement level up a notch, we’ve decided to have another give-away.  This is in conjunction with our June Quilters’ Bus Tour.  Sign up for the bus tour before April 1 – in the next 10 days – and be eligible for a $129 gift certificate from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Who doesn’t like to spend prize money!??! “These are a Few of Our Favorite Quilt Shops” is a two day trip visiting eight fabulous quilt shops in Northwest Missouri and Southwest Iowa.  It’s designed to spend more time shopping (1 ½ hours at each shop) and less time riding.  There will be other shopping opportunities in each town to entertain non-quilting traveling companions too. (Hint: our bus is lodging at Walnut, Iowa’s Antique City).  Price of transportation, all meals and lodging is only $129.  We don’t want to give away all the details, but expect some surprises! Reserve your seat today by contacting Missouri Star at: or  We’re going to have a blast!  I promise!  🙂

And, if you are curious about our retreats we are going to post more information on them soon.

Don’t forget:  Sign up NOW and be entered to win a $129 gift certificate to spend ANY way you want to at the Missouri Star Quilt co!!!

Have a wonderful Monday!


PS:  there is still time to send your quilts to be donated to Japan!  Doing good.  It’s a great feeling.

Our first quilt for Japan…

What a beautiful quilt, Rita! Thanks a million.

Our sweet friend Rita from Hiawatha Kansas and her sister came to visit us in the Shop on Tuesday and brought the first donation quilt we are going to send to the LDS Humanitarian Organization.  Several others have said they will be mailing them in or sending a donation directly to them or to another charity!  Thank you-thank you!  All I can say is how wonderful it feels to serve.  Thank you for helping us, help others.  What other reason are we here, than for that?!?!

I think I’ve said this a time or two, but I am so amazed at the generosity and love that quilters have for each other and for others in need!  What a blessing it is to me to be a part of such a great group of people!  Thank you again.


All of you.


What a weekend…


My mind is still reeling over the events that occurred in Japan. This morning I was watching ‘Good Morning America’ and saw Diane Sawyer come upon a group (family) huddled together on the street. She was asking them how they were, and they offered food to her and her camera crew. Well, I just lost it right there. Here are these people, amid such a catastrophic event, near starvation themselves, and all they wanted to do was to share what they had. What a beautiful way to be. My daughter and I both were brought to tears while watching the coverage this weekend.

Tragedies like these always makes me want to do more. So let’s do something! We at the Missouri Star Quilt Co, will donate 5 full size quilts (or more if I can get my fingers moving) to the LDS Humanitarian Organization that regularly ships crates to disaster ravaged areas, and is currently assembling containers for Japan. They are looking for Twin and Full size quilts (I think that will be pretty standard no matter what organization you donate to). Don’t stress over it, just send something you’ve already made or what you can quickly put together in the next week or two.

That’s what we can do and we challenge you to do the same. Pick your favorite organization and then get with your local Quilt Guild, LQS or just get a group of friends together and give of your stash and time to create a warm quilt that will add comfort to the lives of people suffering.

Or if you don’t have time you can always donate money to the Red Cross.

Think of the difference you can make in the lives of these grief stricken people, just something clean and warm will go a long way.

If you’d like to ship to us, we will include your donation with ours and be shipping off a package at the end of next week. (March 25th), do what you can, just make sure to do something, please!