BUS Trip 2011 the aftermath…

Oh boy, was it a FUN weekend!  Our bus full of ladies (and one Aldo, *wink-wink)  left early (6:30am) I could hardly wait to get to the shop to meet everyone.  We had friends from the forums and friends from Florida and even some friends from Mexico City!

Everyone was so excited and happy, that it just added to all of the suspense that is ‘8 buses’!!  LOL

We really did just have the best time!  It was so fun to meet and visit with all of the people from the different Shops and areas.  We had a great time teasing and helping each other.  I am constantly impressed by ‘quilters’ in general.  They are a kind, fun, honest group of people.  Am I right?  I still haven’t met a quilter I didn’t like!

I’m not gonna lie…..We were EXHAUSTED by the end of Friday!  (thinking, we have to do this all over again!??!)  It was also oddly, energizing! (I loved it)  We had the crazy idea that each bus that left, we would go out and wave goodbye.  Well, we would get a little crazy- doing things like the ‘wave’ and jumping in the air.  It was one of my favorite things!  (I just hope we didn’t leave a bad impression)  Hahahah!

If you went on the trip….did you love it?

What was your favorite part?

Would you do it again?

Oh, and did you miss me?

LOL, back with more tomorrow!

Have a great day.  (I’m sending my oldest off to camp today. sniff-sniff)