To Market to Market…a small sampling of our adventure.

What a blast! We had WAY too much fun at Quilt Market and I can’t wait to show and share all the details with you!

First off we started out at ‘School House’. That is where the designers and fabric companies have mini classes to share the new things (books, fabric, patterns etc.) that are coming out. Think of it as happy-fabric-loving women running around like crazy to get from class to class! Seriously. Insane.

I was excited to see the Moda Bakeshop crew promoting the new book they have out. {we have it coming…don’t you worry! I’ll let you know when it comes in!!} It was fun to see power-house bloggers like, Vanessa {from V and CO.} the cute trio of Sweetwater Kim Walus {bitty bits & pieces} and Natalia Bonner.

Seriously, it was a riot. Vanessa was glad she didn’t pee her pants, {her words} and I can attest to that. She did NOT pee her pants, but I can totally understand how nerve-racking that presenting in front of that many people would be!! LOL.

I know, I know…I shouldn’t stop here. We had many-many-more classes that we went to and I plan on filling you in on all of them! Classes, Sample Spree, the show, the booths…Oh-so much!! I just have to get my suit case unpacked and I will fill you in on all the details!
I promise.

See you soon.


Hideaway…our theme for last week!

Wow!  We had quite the snow storm this last week!  I know, I know you’ve all heard about it already, but really.  I have never seen that much snow from one storm all at once before!  I also have to say that I LOVED that it snowed ALL day on Tuesday!  I hate (ok, not really hate) waking up to giant amounts of snow.   I just really like being able to see it fall, and enjoy it’s beauty.

The kids have basically had another vacation.  I’m not sure if we’ve had a full week of school since Christmas!  (obviously my brain is mush, and my weeks are running together, lol)  So, this week was full of sledding, movie watching and playing with toys.    My kids have another day off Friday (teacher work day) this week, and I think they are getting a bit spoiled by it all.

I got to play with some fabric, and that has been fun.  I used a Hideaway Layer cake, and am almost done with the top.  I really just have to pick a border and then have it quilted!!  I’ll post about the whole thing later this week, with some directions!  I know you all  love a good tutorial!  🙂

Do you see that cute yellow flower?!!?  That is a new camera bag I got!!  Oh my cuteness!  I love it!  The best part of it is that it fits BOTH my cameras!  That bag is a monster!  (a really, cute and happy monster!)

Anyway, I am crossing my fingers for a more productive week…full of meetings and deadlines (and meeting the deadlines)  hahahah.

I did get to order a whole bunch of new fabric on Friday night! Oh my goodness!  You are gonna love the new Christmas stuff Moda has coming out!  I can hardly wait to show you!

Have a wonderful-happy Monday!


P.S.  Thanks so much for all the LOVE on our Moda Bakeshop debut!  It really was a pleasure to be a part of.

A Bakeshop Tutorial!! {squeal}

Okay, so I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was {more} than thrilled to be featured  on the Moda Bakeshop!  How fun is that?  Rubbing Internet shoulders with all those other talented Chefs!!  If you haven’t seen it yet, go take a look.  {and leave comments there.  We love comments!}

Well we are surrounded by WINTER out here!  This season has been crazy!  Yesterday we got over 18inches of snow with more coming in next Monday. Our city has basically shut down.  They are requesting that you don’t leave your house until Thursday at the earliest.  I doubt the roads in my neighborhood will be plowed by Friday!

My kids can’t believe how lucky they are.  {they think it’s the best thing ever}  Me, well we are running out of crafts to do  and my house needs a major makeover.  🙂  I am excited about the enormous snow fort we plan to build if it warms up.

Look at that snow! Brrrrr!

On the agenda today is more hot chocolate, of course.

I have a few more Valentines projects I am working on that I can’t wait to show you!!    Have a great day!!  I know I will.


Circles are your friend….

For real!  Could this be any cuter?  Stripey-strip circles just might be my new favorite thing.   I know, I know.  I sound like an obnoxious adolescent that exclaims every song on the radio her favorite. (hey I can say that…I have one!)  🙂  I just get so excited about all the possibilities these pre-cuts give me!!  The convenience alone is enough to win me over! (See the original full tutorial after the jump)

Think of all the scraps you could use.   ( we all have them.  just admit it.)  We are considering starting a “Quilters Anonymous” for all of us fabric hoarders.   Hahaha!!  🙂  Who wants to be President?

Okay, seriously.  I want to mention a few things….Did you see us featured on the MODA BAKESHOP!??!?!  (not. even. kidding!)   We were thrilled.  (okay, okay….maybe more like ‘over the moon’-screaming-jumping up and down-excited) no, really.  You should have seen us.  🙂

Thank you Moda, for that.  We love your fabric and can’t get enough of the pre cuts!

If you haven’t already WHAT are you waiting for!??!?!!?  TRY a Jelly Roll, you won’t regret it!  {i pinkie swear}

Don’t forget to enter the  two giveaways we have going on right now….one in the forums (easy as ever to enter.  just leave a comment) and the Jelly roll one as well.   Only a few days left to enter!
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It’s Time For Sewing Lessons!

After my fun time sewing honey bun strips together for the “bloom” quilt I wasn’t about to throw them away!  I decided that the “lil zipper bag” featured on Moda Bake Shop earlier this month would be the perfect sewing project for my young sewing daughter 🙂  Ally was more than excited!

This is most of what we started with…100_02381

(This project would also go well with Natalie’s series of honey bun projects it only requires 9 -9 1/2″ long strips from your honey bun!)

This is Ally learning one of the most important skills of any seamstress…100_0243The art of the seam ripper!

This is Ally quilting the bags outer fabric layers… I’m so proud of her!100_0249

I helped with the zipper…


and the lining…


But otherwise it was pretty much all her!  ( I spurred a few helps and ideas 🙂 ) But here’s the finished product!


And guess who couldn’t be happier!?100_0260