Strips and more…the fence rail kind

The fence rail, in my opinion is a fabulous go-to block.  It is quick and virtually pain free.  The best part for me about using a Jelly roll for this quilt (and pattern) is the variety you get.  I am all about the ‘scrappier’ look, and LOVE that it all coordinates!  It really  does make my life so much easier.  🙂

Another variation on the fence rail, would be to use less strips (or more) than we did.  You could also have the same fabric strip as the center and it would make a zig- zag design throughout the whole quilt.  (super cool….But, you may already know all of that!)  🙂

So, have you opened up a delicious jelly roll yet!?!?  Any projects under way?  I am dying to know….

*fabric used in our quilt was  one Fig and Plum Jelly Roll, by Fig Tree & Co. (moda) and coordinating fabric for the border.

“Gooseberries”, a Jelly Roll Quilt

The Jelly roll pattern we are featuring today is called



This was inspired by a quilt I saw several weeks ago though but I don’t know who to credit for it or even it’s original name.  This is somewhat different than the original though, what I loved about the original quilt was how the geese flew through the blocks!  So I took that idea and ran!  I framed them in a jelly roll friendly pattern that I thought would look good with our geese and decided on the “Berry Delicious” jelly roll by Sew Treasured for Moda.   It worked perfectly!  The colors and patterns split just right and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Just so you know I used 40 different fabric strips on this quilt with scraps leftover to fix a few mistakes 🙂  (Always cut and sew carefully!)  And I completed the top in 2 afternoons with only a few whining children and 1 helpful husband!Gooseberries2

To start you need to separate your strips.
I began by finding my darkest and lightest since they would be focal points of the blocks Continue reading ““Gooseberries”, a Jelly Roll Quilt”

Objects of OUR Desire!

Quilting Tutorial
Natalie LOVES coming up with new things to try and do with all of our Moda precuts.  This project went together in a snap.  It was fun and fast.  A must for us here at MSQC.  🙂

All you need is  a Jelly Roll and a layer cake….make a few slices and stitches and wha-la.  DONE.

Just how we like it.

**Hi, its me, I just noticed that I made a BIG measurement mistake! oops! 🙂 The correct measurements for this jelly roll/ layer cake quilt are…

1) cut your layer cake into two pieces…one 6″ x 10″ and one 4″ x 10 “

2)cut your jelly roll into strips that measure 2.5″ x 10″ and 2.5″ x 12” (I said 13 in the video!) I guess I was a bit nervous! Sorry!

Don’t forget to send us a pic (you could post these in the forums or send us an email!) if you try this quilt out!

Thanks, Natalie

Remember to comment away for our giveaway.  We will be keeping track.  (and don’t forget to tell your friends about it either!)  🙂

*quilt was made using one Objects of Desire (by Sandy Gervais) jelly roll and one layer cake.  (by Moda, of course)

Are you ready? Update: *we have a winner*



The winner for this giveaway is Mel!  Congratulations Mel.  We hope you enjoy your delicious jelly roll.

Do you have your machine oiled, your bobbin filled and an endless supply of thread?  We are so thrilled to kick off jelly roll week.

For your info, we are going to have short video clips, with ideas and examples.  Our main purpose is to get you excited about all the possibilities you have working with jelly rolls.  (hello?  2-1/2 inches of PRE-cut Heaven, if you ask me)

I am gonna go out on a limb here, and start  a little early  and kick this off with a GIVEAWAY! This giveaway will last through the week. I will choose a winner, using the random generator a week from today!

What I want you to do, to get in on the action is :

1. Blog about our Jelly Roll Week. Let your friends know how awesome this is gonna be, and link back to us.

2. Leave me a comment and a way for me to visit your blog!

That’s it…that is easy as ever…..considering I am gonna GIVE you a JELLY ROLL! Yup, you read that right…..a jelly roll.  For. Free. Just for leaving a comment and linking to us on your blog.  🙂  How great is that?  Which Jelly Roll, you ask!?  Hmmm, how about I let you pick the one that suits your taste.  IF you win, you will get to choose between an Arcadia, Spring Magic, Caroler or Wonderland Jelly Roll.    WHICHEVER ONE YOU WANT! (I know!  Hard choice, huh!)

Pampered Pooch

No, there are no dogs at my house, and we’re not talking about “belly rolls”!

I did grab this jelly roll from my local quilt shop though, hehe, and am very excited about making some quilted boy and girl changing pads for my little boy Jack.


So I’m having tons of fun just opening the fabric and playing!

These are my favorite prints right now…


I’m lovin the sketchy hand drawn puppies!

I’m also pretty excited about the girl prints!  There are some great retro style fabrics to choose from with great pink and purple color schemes 🙂

Here’s a pic of my progress so far…


Wish me luck!