Tender Heart Quilt

Learn to make this Tender Heart Quilt with a fun bonus project!

This tutorial is super fun because Jenny not only teaches you how to make this adorable Tender Heart Quilt but with the scraps from that project she has created another great quilt! So, you get twice the fun in one great tutorial. Plus, almost zero wasted fabric.

Jenny demonstrates this lovely Tender Heart quilt with a BONUS project!

Click the diagram below for a free downloadable PDF!

Missouri Star Quilt Co. Diagram of the Tender Heart Quilt

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

A Bakeshop Tutorial!! {squeal}

Okay, so I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was {more} than thrilled to be featured  on the Moda Bakeshop!  How fun is that?  Rubbing Internet shoulders with all those other talented Chefs!!  If you haven’t seen it yet, go take a look.  {and leave comments there.  We love comments!}

Well we are surrounded by WINTER out here!  This season has been crazy!  Yesterday we got over 18inches of snow with more coming in next Monday. Our city has basically shut down.  They are requesting that you don’t leave your house until Thursday at the earliest.  I doubt the roads in my neighborhood will be plowed by Friday!

My kids can’t believe how lucky they are.  {they think it’s the best thing ever}  Me, well we are running out of crafts to do  and my house needs a major makeover.  🙂  I am excited about the enormous snow fort we plan to build if it warms up.

Look at that snow! Brrrrr!

On the agenda today is more hot chocolate, of course.

I have a few more Valentines projects I am working on that I can’t wait to show you!!    Have a great day!!  I know I will.


DIY Heart Felt Wreath

So, I was browsing the Internet (*ahem, wasting time.  please don’t tell my husband)  and came across this absolutely adorable wreath on ‘The Idea Room’ blog. It is a great site full of eye candy and ideas.  I hopped in the car (after I dressed my three year old, who’d rather be running around the house in his ‘Lightening McQueen’ undies) and went to pick up some basic supplies.  I think it turned out fabulously and I LOVE it!

It did take forever to cut all the circles out!  I had a great helper (thank Heaven for snow days) and I found it quite therapeutic to cut out the circles.  (more proof that I am crazy)  One tip:  make sure that you cut inside the black line, unless you want that to show on the wreath!  (another helper of mine wasn’t very careful, so I had to fix a few of them)

Go here to get the tutorial if you are interested!  Thanks to the Idea Room for that great idea!

Is your house all decorated for Valentines Day yet?  Or are you like me….I kinda wait till the week before.  🙂

Have a happy day!


A Lovely tree….

Oh my, we had so much fun putting this together!  WE used a bag of scraps….you know those bits and pieces you save for that ‘someday’ project…..Well, this is it.  It was fast and easy and oh so cute!

We cut up different sized hearts and a tree trunk.  Then just ironed it onto fabric, did a small border and framed it.  I am still trying to decide between leaving it framed or making it into a pillow.  What do you think?