Quilting for a Cause: Charitable Organizations That Need Your Quilts!

Quilting for a Cause: Where to Donate Your Charity Quilts!

Once you catch the quilting bug, you just can’t stop sewing! Soon, every bed in your home is dressed to the nines. Then you start gifting quilts to family and friends. And when all your loved ones have received as many quilts as they can handle, do you stop there? Of course not! You start looking for strangers in need of a beautiful, cozy quilt. After all, there’s just nothing that compares to the comfort of a handmade quilt that has been pieced with love.

Quilting for a Cause: Where to Donate Your Charity Quilts!

Looking for a place to donate your quilts? Here are a few ideas:

Give Quilts to Veterans/Active Military

  • Quilts of Valor // Donate a quilt or even donate your longarm quilting services. You can even choose a specific person to give your QOV to if you like. Just make sure to check on size requirements before you start! (Ideal size: 60”x80”) Review their  guidelines HERE.
  • Quilts of Honor // This organization was created to “honor members of our active military and veterans by showing them how much we appreciate their sacrifice and service with our “Quilted Hugs of Gratitude.” You can contribute by donating finished quilts, fabric and other quilting supplies, or donate monetarily.

Give Quilts to Children in Need

  • Project Linus // Donate blankets (not just quilts) to children in need… there are chapters in all 50 states. You can donate $$ online, but if you want to donate finished blankets and quilts, you can contact your nearest Project Linus Chapter HERE.
  • Snuggled in Hope Quilts // This is a group that provides quilts to Flying Horse Farms Camp for kids with serious illness and they provide a quilt to each member of the camp each summer… over 400 quilts each summer. Donate finished quilts (ideal size 55×65”), complete quilt tops, fabric, other supplies. Find their Wish List HERE.
  • Wrap Them in Love // Accept donated quilts, fabric, batting, or other quilting supplies, so if you don’t have time to make a quilt, but want to share your stash, this is a good one for you. Find the details on how you can help HERE.
  • Quilts for Kids // Quilts are given to children who suffer from abuse or life-threatening illnesses. Send in a complete quilt (ideal size: Approximately 38″- 40″ x 45″- 46″) or request a kit to donate your time (you supply love, time, binding, batting and thread): https://www.quiltsforkids.org/shop.htm Can also donate monetarily.

A quilt is a special gift, one that can spread comfort to those in need. We encourage you to take a look around your own community. Who needs a quilt? Homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and hospitals are always a great place to start. Leave a comment and let us know where you like to donate your quilts. Happy quilting for a cause!

Quilts For Kids – Donate your time and talents to help kids who need it!

We’ve been working on building out the Kansas City chapter of Quilts for Kids (a charity sponsored in part by Downy’s Touch of Comfort campaign)for a while now and are excited to host our first event.  Now if you’re not from Kansas City, don’t fret, you can either mail in the quilt tops and we’ll quilt and bind them when we have our big day, or you can find a local chapter of your own to work with.  Either way, what a great cause to be involved in. Quilts For Kids is an organization that’s mantra is “Volunteer quilters saving unwanted fabrics from landfislls and transforming them into patchwork quilts that comfort children in need.”  Children’s Hospitals all over the US are benefited by this organization.  One story (of many stories) I thought was appropriate was shared by a mother of a child in a Children’s Hospital – (hope we’re allowed to share this 🙂

QuiltsForKids.org Story
QuiltsForKids.org Story

Thank you so much!!  I can’t put into words how much Gillian and I both were touched by your gift!  I show everyone who has
visited us the quilt and they all think it is beautiful – and a wonderful thing to do.  I think Gillian would like to try and hand out quilts when she is better.  That would be fun.

Missy K.

I LOVE the idea that we can use some our stash, or maybe one of the great Quilter’s Daily Deal’s, or wherever our fabric comes from, to put a real quilt on the bed of a child instead of a generic hospital blanket.  These kids have to go through so much, it will be nice to give them something that is a bit more personal.

So let’s do it!  We’ve planned a Sew-A-Thon

Saturday, October 24th from 1pm to 5pm

So here’s the skinny, get started now, don’t wait till the 24th to start thinking about it.  You have a full month to work on this so let’s see what we can do.  We don’t need a ton from everyone, we just need one from everyone.  We’ll do this throughout the year, so pace yourself, but lets get this started with a bang.

When you bring in the quilts to be machined we have a special label you can sign and attach to your backing. Just ask us!  If you have any questions, email Misty at  quilts4kidskc@gmail.com and if you’re mailing them in from out of town, or need to know where we are to join us, the mailing (and driving) address is –

Missouri Star Quilt Co
100 N. Ardinger
Hamilton, MO 64644

If you’re mailing it in, be sure to put on the package somewhere that it is a Quilts For Kids donation so we can get it handled appropriately and include a check for the $10 machine quilting and batting fee.  And now….

The Quilts –

SIZE: They specify 36” Square NICU quilts or approximately 38” x 45” crib/lap quilts, but anywhere from 25″ x 25″ up to 55″ x 60″ will work.  (Think preemie baby to teenager)

FABRICS: 100% cotton (regular or flannel). Please do not use polar fleece. The kids love brightly colored, kid friendly fabrics. Remember, some of these kids are going through chemo, so please try to color coordinate your quilts.

BATTING: 1/8” – 1/4” LOW LOFT batting – can be polyester, cotton or a blend as long as it is a low loft batting. (Or just bring it to the shop, we are discounting the Machine Quilting and batting to only $10  per quilt)

ASSEMBLING THE QUILT: All quilts must be machine pieced and machine quilted (please do not use mono-filament thread). The quilts require a good amount of machine quilting since they go through a washer and dryer cycle daily. Don’t forget to quilt in the borders!

PATTERN: Use any pattern you want, be creative, try something new, have fun with it!

PLEASE DO NOT HAND TIE THE QUILTS. Hand tied quilts can be a potential choking hazard and do not hold up to the daily washings they go through.

Childrens Mercy Hospital
Childrens Mercy Hospital


A tax donation form can be sent to you if you would like one.

So what do you say?  Can you spare a Thursday evening or two?  All quilts will be donated to the Kansas City Children’s Mercy Hospital.