Tube Quilting Technique!

So this is an AMAZING, fun and fast way to make a block, that has the look of a “string quilt” block or  an hourglass block.   The cool thing about this idea is that you are able to either make it very matchy-matchy or you have the freedom to make it very random and scrappy.  Their are also a lot of other ways to put it together, and you achieve a totally different look however you choose to lay it out!

All kinds of ideas are mulling around in my head of what else is possible with this technique.   Jelly Rolls make this so easy, too!  (I already have plans to piece one with honey bun strips.)  I can’t wait to show you!  I swear, once you try it you will be SO hooked.

Here is the ‘Main’ tutorial for the technique…..Oh man, you are gonna love it.
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Are you ready? Update: *we have a winner*



The winner for this giveaway is Mel!  Congratulations Mel.  We hope you enjoy your delicious jelly roll.

Do you have your machine oiled, your bobbin filled and an endless supply of thread?  We are so thrilled to kick off jelly roll week.

For your info, we are going to have short video clips, with ideas and examples.  Our main purpose is to get you excited about all the possibilities you have working with jelly rolls.  (hello?  2-1/2 inches of PRE-cut Heaven, if you ask me)

I am gonna go out on a limb here, and start  a little early  and kick this off with a GIVEAWAY! This giveaway will last through the week. I will choose a winner, using the random generator a week from today!

What I want you to do, to get in on the action is :

1. Blog about our Jelly Roll Week. Let your friends know how awesome this is gonna be, and link back to us.

2. Leave me a comment and a way for me to visit your blog!

That’s it…that is easy as ever…..considering I am gonna GIVE you a JELLY ROLL! Yup, you read that right…..a jelly roll.  For. Free. Just for leaving a comment and linking to us on your blog.  🙂  How great is that?  Which Jelly Roll, you ask!?  Hmmm, how about I let you pick the one that suits your taste.  IF you win, you will get to choose between an Arcadia, Spring Magic, Caroler or Wonderland Jelly Roll.    WHICHEVER ONE YOU WANT! (I know!  Hard choice, huh!)