St Patty’s Day is coming:

SO how do you all celebrate St Patrick’s day?  I have seen some adorable shamrock pins and headbands on the Internet this year and some other fun things as well.

It reminds me of my childhood and the crazy things my Mom used to do for us.  The night before the holiday Mom would put a drop of green food coloring in the glasses.  It would dry, and in the morning we would fill up our cup and magically have green milk or water.  We actually really thought is was magical.  Or she would die the entire carton of milk green.  That was especially fun….[insert a little sarcasm]    🙂 I had a difficult time eating cereal with green milk.

If it isn’t supposed to look like that I would get really grossed out.  Remember when they tried to sell ketchup in all those crazy colors?  Ew.  that was just nasty to me.  🙂  Or like when Mom made us green eggs…mmm, not my favorite.  But she did so much stuff that just made our lives extremely fun, and I am grateful for that.

This year I think I will be the crazy Mom and put food coloring in our glasses….just to see what the kids think.  🙂

What are you planning on doing?  Making any corned beef and cabbage?

*Oh, and don’t forget to wear some green.  One year I tried to get away with wearing a yellow shirt and blue pants {because, duh.  blue and yellow make green}  🙂  But, NO…it didn’t work.

Have a happy day!