Snow and tell…

Yes, yes, yes, we are having some more snow.  Love it.   But it is bitterly cold today!  Brrr.

Also, today school was out and we had an appointment to get my oldest daughter braces.  We made the trek to the ‘big city’ and she now has a mouth full of metal.  Her  next appointment she gets a torture device bracket that will stretch her upper jaw, so she has something to look forward to.  Always trying to look on the bright side.  🙂

Speaking of bright side, I wanted to show you these quilts.  Natalie (my rock star-quilting sister) made these for Christmas and I think they are divine!  (heck I’d take any of them)

Isn’t that zig zag amazing!?!?  LOVE IT!  And the one on the top left is a super sleuth eye spy quilt.

Such fun fabric and ideas.  I wish I had half of her energy!  (for real)  Oh and that batik circle quilt Natalie didn’t make! 🙂 Our friend Amy actually made that for her daughter for  graduation.  Isn’t that one just gorgeous.  Beautiful colors in them all!

Can you believe that Wednesday is already here?  This week is just flying by for me.  Are you ready for Valentines Day?  Have you made anything special?  I am hoping to get a few more things crafted before the day of love is over…..but between taxes and paperwork I’ll be surprised if I get a chance.  🙁

Well, I better get going on this day that lies ahead!  Have a good one!