Show and tell… Disappearing nine Patch edition

Oh boy, do we have some fun things to show you today!

Today is all about the Disappearing nine patch! This one was sent to us by Judy.  She added embroidery to her blocks and even personalized it with the babies name and birth date!  How neat is that!?

I love this quilt.

The next one is from Traci.  Another DP9 and she also added a little flair.  {isn’t that great about quilting?!  taking a block or pattern and making it your own!} She used a combination of two  different charm packs, ‘Just Wing it‘ and ‘Sugar Pop’ and I just love they way it turned out.

Aren’t those circles ‘too die for?’ I love how fun they are on the border!

The best thing about the disappearing nine patch is that you can ‘set’ it so many ways. {like Judy did with solids, creating the ‘hourglass’ look} It is great to see all the different ways you make them yours.  I bet that whoever you plan on giving these quilts to will be thrilled!

Thank you Traci and Judy for sharing your quilts with us.

If you have a quilt you would like to share with us, please email me.  We would love to show {and tell} everyone about it!

Have a great weekend.  I have lots planned to do at the shop.  We have expanded the shipping room {again} and have lots of shelves to put together and some paint to do.  I’ll try to get some pictures and show you what we’ve been doing Monday!

See you then…


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