Presents from Germany and Ireland!

What a SURPRISE!!  I may have mentioned this before, but seriously!!!  We are so BLESSED!!!  We have the BEST customers on the planet!  Jacqueline, from Germany sent us this beautiful package filled with delicious treats, all traditional to her Country!!  YUM-YUM-YUM!!  And our friends from Ireland sent us a gorgeous calendar!!

We were so excited and so very grateful.  Your kindness will not be forgotten!!  Thank you so much!

FYI: just because Mom is the only one in the pictures doesn’t mean we all didn’t dive in and sample one (or two) of everything there!!  It was such a fun treat!!  Thanks again!!

Hope you are having a lovely day, no matter what!


ps. sew like the wind to get those ‘IRON QUILTER’ submissions done too!

Psss. love ya!