Part 8: Construction…yes, MORE construction!

No doubt we needed to expand!  Again. {the poor men in our family!!}  It wasn’t long and they were back to the drawing board/sheet rocking/sanding/painting/exhaustion. {started January 2010}  With this addition we knew we had to put in a new bathroom and a heating and air conditioning system.  Did I mention that this old building we were in was a car dealership?  It only had one, yucky-very old-nasty-super gross ‘Men’s only’ bathroom!!  EW!  That in itself, was so embarrassing!  We hated to let anyone use it.

So off we went, expanding again.

We didn’t have money for carpet so we painted the floor green.  What can I say, I love color…and they didn’t have PINK floor paint or I would have used that! LOL  {seriously}

The boys installed a drop ceiling, air ducts, and plumbing {for the bathroom} mudded, taped and sanded everything.  It was looking great and we were THRILLED!!!!

Is it crazy that this whole experience is still so surreal to us all?  I still can hardly believe it myself looking back, how quickly things have progressed.  Sometimes it feels like we’ve been doing this forever, some days I still feel like a total newbie!

One thing for sure, we were/ ARE  living the DREAM! Excited {and sometimes un-organized} through it all!

More to come….


Ps.  This is a series I am writing to take you through our experience.

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