Part 4: The beginning of our Dream

Where we started…

Where we opened.  Crazy, huh.

Our main goal was to provide a place for Mom to work {since all her babies had grown up, she was lonely (ha) and bored} and to give her and Dad something to help with retirement.  We didn’t want to get into debt and stress about all the bills, because well, that totally defeats the purpose of having a fun-family business, right.    So that left us with $2,500 to buy fabric.  Baaahahahahahahahah!  Okay, that is just crazy to me.  We were completely clueless. Mom and I went to Quilt Market in October and met a woman who was talking about her tiny shop she just opened.  {she reluctantly told us about her having to open with only 75K}  Gulp, we were in over our heads!!

Well, we just decided we would just do what we had planned and make the best of it. If we were gonna fail, heck, at least we tried.

My brother and his friend {our business partner} built  a website from scratch, and we thought we’d start  trying to do a little internet business on the  side.  {actually, we planned on dominating and taking over the world} insert evil laughter….

Who knew we would grow and grow.  I remember our first internet order.  We all cheered with joy and awe.  WE couldn’t believe it was actually working. LOL

We had classes and offered quilting, and were so blessed by the support from our local quilting ladies.

Our first ever Class at MSQC

This was just the beginning.  Who knew how much more we would grow!?

Then…Mom broke her leg.