Celebrating Our Planet

Celebrating Our Planet

We are a community of quilter’s, brought together by our love of pretty prints and fun designs, but mostly by the need to create and give back.

As we encourage you to explore your creative talents within different mediums of art, we also encourage you to make your best project yet on the most perfect canvas… Earth.

There are so many brilliant ways to make our planet beautiful. Planting flowers, recycling cans and cardboard, or simply reducing waste.

Here at Missouri Star, we recycle all of our cardboard to the Hope Haven Recycling Center in Chillicothe, MO.

We want to give a huge thanks to Hope Haven Industries and their amazing employees for making our local communities a beautiful place to live!

If you are interested in recycling the boxes and other items you receive from us or other companies, we’ve found this guide to help you find your nearest recycling center!

Shopping Totes

For our in-store shoppers, make use of our reusable shopping totes! Fill them to the brim with fabric and supplies. When you aren’t in town, use them at your local grocery store or shopping mall to reduce waste and display pride in quilting all at the same time!

Get these adorable eco-friendly shopping bags!

Scrap Buster Tutorials

You can even reduce waste by quilting! Recycle old clothing or make use of all the fabric scraps laying around in your sewing room! These scrap busting tutorials will turn recycling from chore to quilting galore!

The String Quilt
Denim Strip Quilt/Pillow
The Crazy Quilt
Scrap Buster Table Runner

Why protect the Earth? Because it’s our only source of fabric!

So plant some trees, sew some scraps, and enjoy this beautiful planet!
Happy Earth Day!

Tell us in the comments how you celebrate Earth Day!

Employee Fat Quarter Challenge 2019

Employee Fat Quarter Challenge 2019

Once a year the team members who work in our shops here in Hamilton participate in a fat quarter challenge. The rules of the challenge are simple, but the results are incredible! They must each pick out two fat quarters and a bag of scraps, after that their imagination can run wild with ideas as there are no rules to what they can create!

When all of the projects have been submitted, they are then voted on by both their fellow team members and our guests in-town until there are 10 left. Once the top 10 are chosen, another vote takes place until the final four are determined!

We were so inspired by their gorgeous creations that we decided to interview the winners to find out more about what sparked their creativity!

1st place, Annette – The theme for her managers’ team is a pineapple, so when she saw a tiny pineapple block, the idea just clicked! Annette enjoys challenging herself and was also looking for a piece to hang up in the dining room of her new home, her hard work paid off!

2nd place, Jennie – After noticing many of our guests bringing in paper piecing projects, Jennie decided to finally give it a try and completely knocked it out of the park!

3rd place, Deb – With her recently built porch looking bare, she decided to create a reversible flag that represents two seasons, made using Jenny’s Ribbon Star tutorial!

4th place, Kamilyn – Inspired by an idea that she found on Pinterest, Kami created this beautiful embroidery pillow that is now in her living room!

From left to right are the top four winners of the 2019 Employee Fat Quarter Challenge!

Thank you to all of the wonderful shop associates who participated for your hard work and creativity!

Click here to shop all of our fat quarter bundles!

Tilted Nine Patch Quilt

Tilted Nine Patch Quilt

Legend tells of a restaurant patron who refused his fried potatoes so many times, the chef just ‘bout lost his mind.  “Too mushy. Too thick. Make them again!” demanded the diner.

In frustration, the chef cut paper-thin slices of potato and fried ‘em to a crisp. Much to his surprise, the customer was delighted, and the potato chip was born! What a deliciously happy accident!

This week, Jenny experienced her own “happy accident,” and the result was the Tilted Nine Patch Quilt. It’s not the quilt she set out to make, but it sure is a beauty! Grab your favorite pack of 2.5 inch strips and click HERE to watch the tutorial!

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!
Playful Prints and Patterns

Playful Prints and Patterns

Let your imagination soar with Tula Pink‘s new collection,
Pinkerville. It’s filled with playful designs, magnificent colors, and fanciful creatures that are sure to spark your creative genius!

Pinkerville Collection by Tula Pink

Exclusive to Missouri Star are Tula Pink’s Owl Patch and two handbag kits all made using the Pinkerville collection! Grab them here, you won’t find them anywhere else!

We have an entire selection of whimsical, fun prints that would be a blast to mix and match with Tula’s eccentric style!

If you are having a hard time getting around that creative block, pick up one of these kaleidoscopic kits to help you break through. The choices are all made for you, you just piece it together!

Start Your Path to Pinkerville!

Courtyard Path Quilt

Courtyard Path Quilt

Courtyard Path Quilt

If the wonders of your imagination were printed on a yard of fabric, what would it look like? For designer Tula Pink, it’s a magical mashup of butterflies, unicorns, and friendly sea monsters!

Courtyard Path Quilt

This week Jenny used Tula’s “autobiographical” collection, Pinkerville, to whip up a gorgeous Courtyard Path Quilt. It’s made with our brand new Drunkards Path Template, so those curvy cuts are quick and easy—and don’t worry, they’re a breeze to stitch together, too!

Courtyard Path Quilt
Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!