Cozy Colors For Fall

Hello Fall

You may not be able to see it just yet, but autumn is on its way. It’s going to creep in, sweep you off your feet and leave you to wonder where summer has gone. Don’t worry though, you aren’t missing anything with summer soon gone, you are just simply awaiting the next amazing thing. Welcome the season that awakens all the senses! Feel the wind, taste the cider, smell the spices, hear the rustling of the leaves, and see the colors change. Best of all… this is the season to break out all the quilts!

We hand picked some of our favorite fall colors! Use these pretty shades to create a lap quilt for all things fall: Friday night football games, campfires, and simply cozy-ing up on the couch!

Fall Color Guide

Sienna > :: Taupe > :: Moss > :: Cheddar > :: Chinese Red >

Not sure what to do with these colors? Here’s a few of our favorite autumn-themed patterns:

…Or keep it simple with fall kits or easy appliqué:

Autumn Air Periwinkle Quilt Kit

Imagine your next breath is one of brisk autumn air with the smell of wood smoke and pine, sitting in your backyard, and wrapped up in this cozy quilt.

Designed just for Missouri Star Quilt Co., this pieced quilt kit contains a pattern and Autumn Air fabrics by RJR Fabrics.

Laser Cut Fusible Appliqué Shapes

Oak leaves or maple leaves? Keep it simple with our precut, fusible appliqué shapes.

With shapes ready to iron-on, create your own nature scene with trees, leaves falling, or whatever your heart desires!

What is your favorite fall color? Let us know below!

Cute Campers Quilt

Cute Camper Quilt Tutorial
Have you heard of “glamping?” It’s just like camping…but with a touch of glamour! Instead of roughing it with the bare essentials, you bring along the comforts of home⁠: running water, air conditioning, a welcome mat, and a real queen bed!
Cute Camper Quilt Tutorial
Here at Missouri Star, we hold an annual glamping retreat. Quilters make the trek to Hamilton with the cutest little trailers in tow. Some trailers are painted pink and blue. Some have polka dot curtains. Some are decorated with plastic pink flamingos. The whole scene is so adorable, it inspired this week’s new quilt!
Cute Camper Quilt Tutorial
Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

Congrats to Our Grads! 🎓

Congrats to Our Grads!

We are excited to announce that our first year’s partnership with North Central Missouri College (NCMC)was a huge success! The collaboration between Missouri Star Quilt Company and North Central Missouri College on this apprenticeship program culminated with 21 team members completing a registered apprenticeship program through the US Department of Labor, with 20 of those individuals earning a Business Management Essentials certificate through the college.

Apprenticeship Graduates
Front row (from left to right): Amanda Gray, Ana DeJesus Gutierrez, Sarah Garland, Jennifer Souza, Kelly Gallion, Estella Granville, Adriana DeJesus Gutierrez, Brooke Barnett, Brenda Glidewell (Missouri Star Apprenticeship Coordinator)
Middle row (from left to right): Sarah Harvey, Sara Thomas, Andrea Kinzler, Teresa Kinzler, Kaitlyn Cooley
Back row (from left to right): Julia Birkeness (Missouri Star Apprenticeship Coordinator),Kristeana Reed, Kelsey Stollings, Beth Snow, Kassandra Carr, Keslie Hays, Lisa Gray, Corey Adams
Apprenticeship Graduates
The students were invited to walk during the commencement ceremony in their caps and gowns at North Central Missouri College in Trenton, MO.
Apprenticeship Graduates
Certificates were handed out in the classroom space of Missouri Star’s warehouse by the president of NCMC, Dr. Lenny Klaver (back far left), Director of Business and Industry Partnerships at NCMC, Jason Helton (back far right) and Missouri Star’s CEO, Mike Mifsud (back, third from right)

Before handing out the Apprenticeship Completion certificates from the US Department of Labor, Director of Business and Industry Partnerships at NCMC, Jason Helton, said with enthusiasm, “This is a formal credential, it’s kind of a big deal. You should be proud of what you are about to receive.” Afterward, the students cheered, the Missouri Star leadership and management teams clapped proudly, and Missouri Star’s Apprenticeship Coordinator was brought to tears!

Between academic training by professors from NCMC AND on-the-job training here at Missouri Star, we are incredibly proud of our team members who have worked so hard to enhance their skills, both personally and professionally throughout this past year! Way to go, graduates! 🎓

Comment below or head on over to our Facebook page to congratulate this amazing team! ⇩

English Garden Quilt

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

When I think of an English garden, I picture quaint gravel paths that divide shrubs and hedges like strips of sashing on a quilt. I picture drizzly afternoons and neat rows of pretty blooms. I picture cozy cups of tea sipped on quiet garden patios. I picture peace, order, and beauty.

This week Jenny has packed all the charm of a real English garden in her newest quilt. Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

How To Figure Yardage For Quilt Binding

How To Figure Yardage for Binding

The final step of making a quilt may seem like the most intimidating, but have no fear! Adding binding can be a really enjoyable process when you know how much you need and how easy it is to make and stitch on your quilt.

Supplies needed:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Calculator
  • Your finished quilted project 
  • A measuring tape or template

Finally, choose a lovely fabric, bias, or precut for binding and load it into your Missouri Star Quilt Co. shopping cart!

Step 1: Find the perimeter of your quilt. Measure each of the four sides and add them together.
Step 2: Add 20 inches to your total.
Step 3: Choose your binding width. We recommend using 2 ½” wide strips.
Step 4: Divide the total length of binding needed for your quilt by 40″. This gives you the number of width of fabric strips needed to create your binding.
Step 5: Round up to the nearest whole number of strips. Multiply the number of strips by the width of binding you decided in step 3. That will give you the number of inches required to cut the necessary number of binding strips for your quilt.
Step 6: Divide the number determined in step 5 by 36″ to calculate the yardage. Round this number up to the next 1/4 yard increment and you’ll have your total yardage number!

Tips and Tricks for Binding:

  • Precut strips work great for binding as they are already 2 ½” wide.
  • Sew strips together end-to-end on a 45 degree angle into one long strip using diagonal seams. Press seams open to reduce bulk.
  • Fold strips in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and press.
  • The entire length of your binding should be equal to the perimeter of the quilt plus 15 to 20 inches.
  • Using a Binding Tool makes the process even easier!

Example Quilt:
(Quilt length + quilt width) x 2 = perimeter of quilt
(66″ + 58″) x 2 = 248″ This is the total perimeter of your quilt
Add 20″ to that number = 268″ needed of total binding length
Take the total inches and divide by 40″ to get the number of strips you need
268″ divided by 40″ = 6.7
Round up. You’ll need 7 strips of fabric for your binding.
Take the number of strips you need and multiply by your binding width. In this case, it’s 2 ½”.
7 x 2 1/2″ = 17 ½”
Divide the number of inches needed by 36″.
17 ½” divided by 36″ = .48
Round up to the nearest ¼ yard and you get ½ yard.