New Years Eve Mystery Quilt…..

A group of 8 women got together at the Quilt Shop and participated with other quilters across the country and did a mystery quilt in a day! We waited for the clues that came out hourly and had a blast in the process. Of course there was food involved and some chocolate….. (I hear you can’t quilt without chocolate…..) We all had such a great time. It is a tradition we hope to continue in our shop. We have also been busy planning and brainstorming several new and exciting things. We will for sure keep you posted.

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Well, well…….

We had our second class EVER, on Saturday December 13th, and it was wonderful!! Mom and Natalie taught the ladies how to make a basic tote bag. We all had a great time. I so enjoy visiting with the ladies and seeing what each person creates! I love the different personalities that show through with each project! We will be having an apron class this Saturday that I can hardly wait for!!! I LOVE aprons!! Seriously……if you are going to be at home cooking and cleaning you might as well look good in the process……and I don’t mean putting on makeup and fancy/schmancy clothes. I mean a smokin‘ hot apron! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! šŸ™‚ If you are interested in signing up give us a call at the shop and we will put you on the list!! (816) 583 7722

Oh my goodness, one of the girls in our class had purchased a Christmas Charm Pack, went home and cut it into fourths…….sewed them together and made a stocking!! It is absolutely the cutest thing ever!! I will get a picture soon…….She was sweet enough to leave it for us to display this week!!

Well, I better get going! Hope you all have a great week……Can you believe Christmas is only 10 days away!??!?! YIKES!!

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Here we go….

We are OPEN!! We actually have been for 3 weeks now. This is such an adventure, and we are loving every minute. (well, except for those tiny moments of “what were we thinking?”) but besides those little inconveniences, we are doing well. I am excited to share with you our adventure and give you the inside scoop of how, why and where. So, if you are in the area, come by and see us…..bring a quilt or two or buy some fabric.

Join us on this adventure……It’s gonna be fun.