New for you….

Quilters Daily Dealyeah that seems to be the ‘phrase’ of the week around here, eh!  But this is pretty cool….we had our tech guy (ladies….he is pretty cute, and single.  If you are interested I can hook you up)

Back on track….anyway, we had our amazing computer guy work up a little RSS lovin’ so you can add it to your google reader or just subscribe to it and you can stay in the loop on our Daily Deal EVERYDAY, effortlessly!  WooHoo, now that is exciting!!  It is super simple.  All you have to do is go to the deal page and down at the bottom you will see a little button that says something about RSS whatnot…yeah, click on that and you will have an option to either add to google reader or that other thing.  🙂

Obviously, that is why we have that cute, single computer guy around…..Really.  I just talk a LOT and love fabric.  He knows about all that ‘other’ stuff.  But I really am excited about this feature….so go check it out, and let me know if you have any trouble.

Other exciting news I am really, truly working on a giveaway!! I know how much you all love giveaways… be prepared!!  This is gonna be fun. And BIG. And Exciting!!  🙂  I will give out all the details tomorrow!  I promise!

Oh one more thing.  WE are working on the cutest baby quilt ever!  Natalie came across this idea on this very world wide web, and it is just darling!!  I can’t wait to show you that either!

**I just realized what a boring, scattered post I am writing…..I should rename the thing  “Promises, Promises…nothing but Promises”  Come on back tomorrow!  It will be worth the wait!

Now  run over to the Deal of the Day and sign up for that RSS deal-io!  Do it!  You’ll be glad you did!  🙂

Have a good night all!!