Monday sneak peak…

Cute stuff in the works….Can’t wait to show you!

This little stack of fabric, plus a few other coordinating fabrics have been CUT, and a project is in the works.  It is gonna be amazing!  (I am trying not to  say cute, since that is obviously my go-to word that describes everything for me!!)  🙂

Either way, you are gonna LOVE it, and we will be offering a class…Fun, fun!

Don’t you just wanna make something out of this?

How can I just JUMP through fall and go straight to Christmas all the time?  NOT anymore….this stack-O fabric has me singing a different tune. (not a Christmas song, ok)    And we made something that you are REALLY gonna love.  It is  a darling mini wall hanging.  Ooooh, I can’t wait to show you!  SO many stacks, sew little time…..  {tehehehehe,I couldn’t resist}

We will get some of these projects done, then I will be back to show you the little lovelies later this week!  🙂  Hope you all have a happy Monday!