Monday, Monday…

So, technically Monday is my day off…..which really means that I get to stay home and WORK my buns off, to prepare for me being gone the rest of the week!  Hahahaha, so sneaky, that day “off ” is!!  🙂  But don’t think I am complaining….cause I’m not.   I really enjoy it.  I do.  Who doesn’t love laundry and dishes….fighting to keep the dishwasher loaded while my 18 month old unloads it!?  It is a fun time right now, having Ms.E and Mr. J to keep me on my toes!

I have had a million ideas come to mind this weekend…..projects and ideas of things we will want to share.  We have some tutorials in the works that are gonna be fun too.   I swear your gonna love it!  🙂

Oh yeah, don’t forget to blog about the giveaway….and if you haven’t already, go comment on the giveaway post so you will be sure to be entered!! (only a few more days!)   Don’t be shy, tell your friends.  Spread the fabric love!  🙂

Okay, I am going to go back to the housework, so I can get on to the fun stuff… know, like sewing, creating and sharing it with you!!  🙂

Have a great day!


ps.. I tried to get a picture on here, cause we all know it would be more exciting with one.  However, it is NOT working for me.   I will talk to the Handsome, single computer guy to fix the situation.  But, if you really wanna know, it is probably ME, and NOT the computer!  🙂