Middle of January…

I read on a friends facebook status that January is the Monday of the entire year! (as in: will it ever END!??!!)   It made me laugh thinking about how true that sometimes is.  (especially when we have lots of gray and snow)  The snow is beautiful too, though. So I really shouldn’t complain!

Anyway we have been working on a few fun Valentines Day projects and tutorials that I am putting the finishing touches on!

Jenny (my Mama) has the most adorable project that will be perfect for the holiday!  I can’t wait to show you!

This weekend had us running around like crazy with the kids.  Got in some deep cleaning on the house Saturday and even got a date afternoon with my husband!  Really, it was heavenly.

My parents surprised us Sunday night  and will be here for the day!  YAY!  I miss having them so close!!   Mom and I have some projects to work on and some shopping to do.

I’ll keep you all posted on the amazing-ness that we come up with!   Have a happy Monday- ALL!