Meet Missouri Star: Sara, Adriana & Julie

In this, the third installment of “Meet Missouri Star”, we head to the shipping department to meet three of the fastest shippers this side of the Mississippi! Ready to meet Sara, Adriana and Julie?



Sara has been with MSQC for exactly a year (can someone order a job birthday cake, please?). She’s mother to three wonderful children, likes to paint, be outdoors and go on occasional movie dates with her husband. 

How’d you land the job? My interview was in the nutty guy room with Sarah and Al. There were no chairs so we sat on the floor for the interview. They initially put me in customer service, but the force is strong with Al so he moved me to shipping.

Do you sew?  I can sew, but not very well. I plan on taking some of the classes at the retreat center to increase my skills. I want to learn how to do everything.

Favorite fabric? I’m starting to like all of it. I’m definitely catching the quilting bug.

The best thing about working at MSQC is the people I work with. MSQC is definitely the most fun place I have ever worked!



Adriana has been with MSQC for four months and, while she doesn’t sew (Yet, we say!), she would pick batiks as her favorite fabric. The atmosphere is what she loves most about working for Missouri Star.



Want to know a fun fact about Julie? Her daughter also works or Missouri Star! In addition to her daughter, her family includes a son who is in The Marines and her husband of 21 years. Julie joined the MSQC work family two years ago.

Do you sew? I don’t sew much. I’ve made a pair of pajamas for my daughter probably ten yrs ago. However, since working for MSQC I’ve made two quilts. I have three more planned!

Any favorite fabrics? I’ve worked with charm packs & jelly rolls. Equally easy!

The best thing about working at Missouri Star? There are several reasons MSQC is a nice place to work. It’s family oriented and I think it’s awesome to work in our hometown. Even as we grow Sara, Al & Dave like to stay connected with all employees. Everyone works together.



Aren’t they super? If you’ve ever been in town and done a tour, you’ve most likely seen them working like busy bees (and grooving to a great song on the radio!). This department is full of staff, so we’ll cover a few more of them next Monday, too!