Makin’ Mama Proud!

This is a BIG deal……Ladies and Gentle-sewers, my daughter MADE a draw-string bag all.By.Herself.  Wow, right?  I mean, I know that I am gushing with pride here, but really….what an accomplishment at 12.  🙂  The best part, was that she LOVED every minute of it.  She picked the fabric (zebra, of course.  If she has any say at all, you can  bet it will be zebra printed these days)

Thanks for letting me brag on my darling daughter!  I am excited that she has been bitten by the quilting-sewing bug so early!  That didn’t really happen for me until I was MUCH older!  🙂

What have you all been up to lately?  Anything fun? Are you done with all those Christmas projects?  Do tell.  We all want to know!  🙂