Make Life Happy!

We just got the new line, Make Life (by Sweetwater, for Moda) in our shop and let me say, it is happy and bright.  I love it more than I thought I would!  We couldn’t wait to cut into it and make something.

Natalie put together a quilt using this line and we wanted to give you the directions so that you can make one for yourself!  This is a great pattern and has very LITTLE waste!  You will almost use every piece of both the jelly roll and layer cake.

You will need:

1-layer cake

1-jelly roll

Directions:  First cut your layer cake squares in half (5X10″ pieces)

then cut your jelly roll strips into 10″ strips.  (each strip will give you 4- 10″pieces)  2 1/2 X 10″ strips

Once you have all the cutting done, you take two Jelly roll strips (matching pieces) and sew on either side of the 5X10″ strips.  (each block should have one layer cake piece in the middle, with a jelly roll strip on each side)

Continue mixing and matching jelly roll pieces with the layer cake pieces, till all your strips are sewn together.

Then take your block and square them up to nine inches.

All you have left to do is lay it out and sew the blocks together!  Alternate the blocks to create the pattern.

Here is a picture of ours before it is quilted.  We are still deciding on borders and will update you when we are all finished!!

Finished top (without borders) is 68 X 86

Have fun putting this easy peasy quilt top together!  When we are finished with this we will have a pattern for you to down load.  Have a great day!