Instant Ironing Board! – UPDATED

Sorry about that last post…We got so excited about posting it that it went threw without the pictures!  So here you go …I present….The Miracle ironing board!

Our shop is getting busy enough and big enough that the girls think I should sew in the back. Natalie made this cute corner for me to sew in. Today I was working on a block and realized I didn’t have an ironing board. A light when on! In the shop we carry a batting called insul-brite. I could make what amounts to a giant pot holder to iron on so…I used 2 pieces of insul brite, and cut the top the size I wanted .

Fabric and Batting
Fabric and Insul Brite

I then cut 2 pieces of fabric just a little larger that the insul brite. I put my fabric right sides together and sewed it up on 3 sides. I then turned the fabric right side out and slid in the insul brite.

Sliding in the insu-lbrite
Sliding in the insu-lbrite

I then top stiched all around the edge.

Top Stitching all around the top
Top Stitching all around the top

I finished it by machine quilting the top.

Finished Product

Voila, I have a portable ironing board and a really big pot holder!