Half Square Triangles…

Today is just one of those days, where I just want to play with my fabric!  You know what I mean?  Somedays you have very specific ‘projects’ you are making and other days you just want to be free with the fabric to create what you want.

Aren’t the colors just dreamy? Lovely, really is the perfect name…

I just love half square triangles for that very reason.  Pretty much, the possibilities are endless and I just LOVE that. (most-days, hahahaha)  Either way, I am having fun today, with this line by the amazing {and absolutely adorable) Sandy Gervais!  It is called Lovely.  And isn’t it, though?  It is the perfect line for Spring and Summer.  I think so anyway.

This is just one charm pack, and makes a great size table runner.  (not sure on the exact size, since it isn’t sewn yet.)  Laid out this way you have a few extra blocks.  Thinking I may make them into a pillow or a placemat or some coasters…who knows.  {ooh, or maybe a hot pad}

It really is….just one of ‘those’ days.  🙂

Hope yours is happy.