Getting things done….

Another quilt marked off the ‘to-do’ list!  We had some insane last few months and have had several quilts (shop samples and personal projects )  take a back seat.

You may remember me showing you my first work in progress *ahem*several months ago.  It was a disappearing nine patch for my daughter, made out of Sweet, by Urban Chiks. Now, I am gonna be honest here and tell you all that I only got half the quilt done.  I did have it all sewn and cut up (ready to go) but Mom (Jenny) actually finished it for me!

Okay, so I am so excited!  It is gorgeous!  Seriously, my favorite!  I love it so much, that I don’t even want to give it to my daughter!!  (is that bad?  Tell me you haven’t felt the same way about a quilt you made?)  I really do.  It has to be the ‘Sweetest” quilt I have ever seen.  I am really considering re-decorating my entire bedroom around it.  (boy, I am glad my husband doesn’t read this blog!)

See what I mean….

quilt stuff9871I know, right?  You want it too!  Sigh…I am still considering bribing her with another beautiful fabric line.  She does really like Swanky….

Well, it does feel really good to have this quilt done.  We have actually been working like crazy to get things done around here.  We’ve got a bunch of new quilts to show you…and another free pattern in the works!

Hope you have a fabulous day!